It happened exactly as Pierre Poilievre predicted

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  1. This country is a damn joke FSS it doesn't deserve to exist unless there a huge change in the public mind. This is the best the establishment can do with democracy with the idiots it has. Train PLA soldiers on Petawawa and sold NORSAT to China for nothing in return. Such a pathetic nation it will fall behind with debt while other nations get ahead. Too many ppl in Canada came from dictatorships and now that type of non voter base is taking a toll on our culture and because ppl like that don't practice what they are not used too. Iroquois should unite en masse and take that place over with force and night of the long knifes type of takeover. Reinstall our democracy baptized in the blood of its treacherous politicians and make sure they fear us and serve out of fear for their families instead of lining their pockets. Take the artic for our own and take that oil and melt the ice caps for money while coastal and island nations drown. Unapologetic Canadians

  2. People need to read some history of what happened to the Bank of Canada under Pierre Trudeau in 1974…..

    "Canada has a public bank, the Bank of Canada. In the Canadian constitution, it’s allowed to lend money AT NO INTEREST to municipal, provincial, and federal governments for education, health, housing, and other social services. And it could loan money at low interest for other projects. Any interest, of course, would be paid back to the government. In other words, to taxpayers. To us.

    From confederation to 1974, Canadians were able to pay for two wars, the St. Lawrence Seaway, the Trans-Canada highway, the Canadian National Railway, and much more. We created and printed our own money.

    In 1974, Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau made the decision to stop using the Bank of Canada for our money, and instead borrow it from a private bank outside of Canada (the Bank for International Settlements in Switzerland) and pay interest to that private bank! Obviously that’s not in the interest of the Canadian people.

    By 2012, we'd paid interest to private banks of over $1 trillion!"

  3. Yet another Liberal appointment ,like the R.C.M.P. Maybe its time to change the way these positions are filled so when a government holds power they cant have a direct effect on how these "independent positions" are appointed. A long with preventing any funding to go to main media, C.B.C needs to earn their funds independently or be dissolved.

  4. Trudeau and the bank of Canada Are in bed together of course they would sweep Is this under the rug. Bank of Canada fell on knows what hes doing and it's staying quiet A lot of people need to lose their jobs that are in power And most of them are liberal Lying right next to Trudeau


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No reverse gear, EU $60 oil price cap. Eurasia gas union. Asset seizure and auction $200M yacht. U/1