It now takes 11 Years to Save a House Deposit

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It’s now taking up to ten years to save a house deposit.


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  1. Investors are about to be wiped out between falling equity triggering margin calls and rising interest rates triggering default. Gross rental yields are 3-4% vs interest repayments of 6-7% so they will be suffering massive losses once their fixed rates roll over. And if their property values fall below 20% equity they will be told to stump up more cash or offload to reduce their leverage ratio. Leverage amplifies in both directions.

  2. Bit under 3 years ago wife and I got a home loan with zero deposit and low doc, the lender was a little “dodgy” and interest rate was a bit high’ish (around 6.5 from memory) but it got our foot in the door ,we managed the repayments no worries, after a year we refinanced with another provider and got the interest rate down around 2.5% give or take a little. Obviously that rate has gone up since then.
    We paid a little under 500,000 for the home on Northside of Brisbane, a month ago we renegotiated our loan with the bank and got our interstate rate down to sub 4%, as you’d know a valuation has to be done in the financing/refinancing process, the bank had our home valued at 950,000…that’s a bank valuation, they usually value on the low side. We still pay our mortgage as if we are paying a higher interest rate of 7-8% so we don’t get too much of a shock if/when they actually get that high.
    We feel very lucky things went our way at the right time specially when you look at the current state of things.
    Hope some of you can find the same luck we have had.

  3. Tip….buy a large caravan…go and talk to a local farmer or landowner about parking it on their land and working off the rent by odd jobbing the property, grass maintenance etc. Work hard and save with your partner for as long as you can live for almost free….then go and buy a house. Don’t do what everyone else is doing by expecting to buy a McMansion straight out of school…work smart, keep debts and expenditure low and save like hell.

  4. the politicians are never going to stick their necks out on this issue. Many of them own several investment properties. A situation like this is even worse than something like money in politics because at the end of the day politics is just their job. what you are talking about affects their actual lifestyle do you really think they are going to put that at risk just so you can have a fair shake in this land? its not even a left/right issue either it involves ALL politicians. This is a huge problem.

  5. 7 years to save for a deposit. This is why when you get a deep house price downturn where momentum of capital gains are lost you get housing prices drop then 3 to 5 years prices go flat. Without capital gains, deposit take years to save. House prices will continue on average keep dropping with the odd blip up because of people getting out of higher priced housing than normal

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