Italy MSM Admits Ukraine Losses, Russia Grinds Bakhmut, US DNI Haines No Moscow Regime Change

Italy MSM Admits Ukraine Losses as Russia Grinds Bakhmut, US DNI Haines Confirms No Prospect Moscow Regime Change
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  1. I have started to wonder, given the wide spread entrenchment of far right nationalism in Ukraine and one of the core goals of the SMO to eliminate it, whether the goal for Russia now is to get that 1945 type of defeat to cause the population to move away from that mentality similarly to the Germans. Therefore, even without admitting it, the Russians won't accept anything less to get a total victory result. I think they will pursue a terminal collapse of the country.

  2. The post WW2 political order and the political elites that rule it in the West are coming to an end. Neo-liberalism and its slightly more belligerent sibling neo-conservatism no longer have any ideas because they're exhausted and have all but reached the catastrophic end of their false premises. Neither are capable of self-examination and their arrogance prevents them from tearing down the false idols they've created.

  3. I live in the UK and I see many people more and more suffering from all the price increase. This Government lost its mind supporting war and not peace. In my mind I think Britain must fall and most probably will do and even more suffering for ordinary people. Those criminals with huge pockets will do good as usual. The ordinary people are at fault voting for those criminals.

  4. Russia always was and is prepared to fight a war in winter. Whoever contends that Russia will wait for spring has no clue about Russian History. The point also is, waiting for spring might see a somewhat better equipped Ukraine, another waiting period for spring breakup to end, which is about as bad as the fall, with loads of mud and rain. Complete nonsense.

  5. As the Anglo Saxon and Celtic heritage of Britain continues to fade into the distance and becomes a thing of the past propelled by the ever increasing intensity of demographic replacement already having produced a London of balkanized predominantly Middle Eastern and African ethnicities, the sense of there being anything great about Britain will fade in to the past as well. The globalists have gotten their hands on the land of the Pommies and are inexorably proceeding to erase its unique identity that once made those isles off the coast of Europe a special and charmed land.

  6. Yes, and we have seen the absolutely savage reaction to Macron's ideas from Ukraine and its allies. NO SURRENDER. All territories returned, full war reparations, Putin gone, war crimes tribunals, Russia demilitarization (and the final break up of the Soviet Union (i.e. Russia)). What world is Zelensky living in?

  7. You give a serious and truthful representation of the demise of Ukrainian troops in the grinding battle conducted by Russia. The fighting "to the last Ukrainian" is actually taking place with apparently no remorse by Kiev or indeed the collective West.

    Can we mention the massive attacks by Ukraine on the civilian population in Donetsk regularly killing innocent people as has been taking place as part of thr genocide conducted by Kiev since 2014. This is the openly fascist action of a defeated regime, frustrated in its attempts to have a "final solution" to the reality of ethnic Russian communities in the East of Ukraine. It is vile and reflects the way Kiev has treated civilians throughout the special military operation. Can there be any greater justification for the actions of the Russian Federation and its military.

    The West are complicit in this slaughter of Russian citizens and it is truly appalling that they are supporting such Nazism.

  8. Btw, this is how this war was always going to end – the end result was delayed only because Putin and the Russian government naively thought at first that they could negotiate with the west in good faith. Unfortunately, a country and many of its people will have to be destroyed – same with Germany and Japan in WWII. However, the long term peace will require the destruction of the Ukrainian army and a very small rump state in Ukraine, ideally run by Poland. Why Poland? Poland has its issues as well, but it is generally a much more stable state than Ukraine and has clearly stated it does not want a war with Russia – Poland also does not want Azov within its border.

  9. Did anyone else sign the ''British referendum on sending arms to Ukraine'' petition ?
    The amount of signatures collected miraculously didnt change in the last month . the response email said that —whether 100,000 signatures are collected or not they will never stop sending arms or even have a referendum /'' unprovoked attack'' / ''civilian targets'' /''Zelensky's party was democratically elected,no coup ''/''the fact that the Uk economy is suffering is Russian misinformation'' !!!!!!

  10. The longer Ukraine waits to negotiate with Russia, the more misery the Ukrainian people will be subjected to and the more territory it will forever give up. Russia will eventually go for Odessa, etc., etc. and eventually go after Vlodomyr Zelensky if, in the final hours of this conflict, he doesn't quickly seek asylum in the west. Ukrainians have been sold pie-in-the-sky by Zelensky, with membership in NATO, with future American military bases, and with, eventually, nuclear missile silos. What less could you wish for! The current route Ukraine is following is a road to perdition.

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