It’s Over! South Africa is F*&$d – Failed State

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South Africa can never recover…

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Background footage used: Zombieland Johannesburg | South Africa | Kensington of Africa

Video where I talked to the South African woman:

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  1. I hate that South Africa has so very predictably fallen so far and that it will never, ever recover.. .Thank you all for supporting me by watching my videos and thank you to Surfshark for sponsoring this video and being an awesome and valuable service, take advantage of this awesome deal: Go to and use code serpentza to get 83% off a 2 year plan plus 3 extra months for free! Stay awesome!

  2. Lol my gf told me to stop watching the news. Glad I didn't listen- how did I not know about this… Very good bit of reporting. Thank you. Was considering moving to South Africa, but I do like my electricity… I shall keep an eye on this from now on.

  3. Explaining why electricity is important wasted a lot of time in this video. Would have liked to hear more examples of corruption in its place. So strange that much of the diamonds and gold in the world came from South Africa, yet the inherent wealth is gone. Stranger than fiction. I have heard other foreigners say that building anything in Africa is a lost cause because of stealing. I hope that is not true, but it does looks like it is too late for South Africa.

  4. I will be age 68 this month and I remember the events of South Africa and Nelson Mandella. Does any majority Black nation have a quality of life that is worth living? Notice that no American Black political leader ever mentions this. I fled Philadelphia as it was going majority Black.

  5. The Boers failed their country with that BS white supremacy trash mindset. It was already & inevitable failed state in the making. When you violate & disrespect an indigenous people to such a degree that they hate you and do not care if they destroy everything you’ve built at the detriment of their own country, now that’s hate, and rightfully so. The white South Africans deserve Julius Malema as a president, they joked & mocked the idea for years, now that he is gaining traction & attention, now they’re scared and all of a sudden want to run, no, stay there and face what you made. Many of us in the west don’t want you as refugees.

  6. America is determined to follow in those footsteps of implanting people in positions for reasons other than competence in the field. Cases in point: mayor Pete is the head of the department of transportation. What are his qualifications? He was on family leave during the worst shipping and supply chain crisis of my lifetime. Even the Chinese refer to him as a vanity pick. And then there’s the person in the nuclear department who keeps getting arrested for stealing woman’s luggage at airports. Federman? Does Biden seem well to you? I often can’t make out what he’s saying and I’m afraid he’s going to break a hip with one of these falls. Corruption puts these people in their positions and corruption keeps them there. Funding from oligarchs determine public policy. People who work on behalf of the industries to be overseen and regulated head the departments responsible. The cities are deteriorating. What would you recommend to a South African years ago when the infrastructure was still operating decently? The impulse here is to get out of high population density areas and become as self sufficient as possible. Is that a bad plan? I want to learn from people who’ve been through collapse like South Africans, Venezuelans, etc…. Aside from GTFO, what would you have done to prepare when things were doable and how have you adapted since it got real?

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