“It’s The Second-Worst Destruction On Record!”- Reaction To Household Wealth Dropping $13.5 Trillion

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In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Bas Rutten and Adam Sosnick talk about the household wealth dropping by 13.5 trillion dollars.

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  1. What surprised me was downward rental pressure? I know inflation took more income because prime borrowers car repossession sky rocketed pass subprime for the first time. What is going on with car dealers? What happen to supply and demand? Retailers are getting crush. Debt levels and job loses are not good. Distance future looks possible, bright? I guess

  2. The stock market is and has always been the best place to make substantial income. Which is why I still find myself pumping funds into the Stock market and trading aggressively, Away from all the distractions around. I still make profits from my investments, made $260,000 last year.

  3. I’m lucky to live in the house I grew up in, there’s no mortgage and since I’m basically the only child, I stand to inherit a couple properties. I have always worked and realized that I would inherit them so I basically just pour my money into making it my dream house so even though I’ve been making less than 40k, because I stay out of trouble and keep a close eye on my drug and alcohol intake, I actually live a pretty comfortable life.. I read a book long ago with a parable about a field of diamonds and I’m lucky to realize that and remember in this world everything is a fight for territory. If you leave your parents to fend for themselves, they will be preyed on, it’s a jungle out there so if you have it good, you’re lucky too

  4. It will disappear with home equity

    And so will your investments. Arguably your investments havent made a true profit in many years

    And selling your stocks at a higher price to a foolish investor doesn't count. Someone is going to hold that worthless stock paper in the end

  5. Stock market and real estate is not the heartbeat of an economy

    The truckers proved that

    Always have a house before any investments

    Always pay your debt on your house before you gain more debt with credit cards

    Life is not overly difficult. Choices are the difficult part

  6. I saw screw paying credit cards.

    Sell and buy a house without a bank involved. Barter system

    Banks create money in economy when they open mortgages and loans. They create the very money and charge customers interest on money they created. Debt will always outpace cash. Since the cash used to pay back loans is cash made from your employment. Eventually there will be more debt than cash because of interest rate.

  7. Can you please ask your buddies at Goldman Sachs and black rock to not buy up tons of single family homes? Also can you ask any food distributors you may know to not increase the prices of food beyond actual input/distribution prices increases? Would really appreciate it thanks. I know they and other companies would absolutely never contribute to price increases for more profit that leads to people having to increase their debt to make ends meet, but just want to cover all bases.

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