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IT’S WORKING – Keep cash alive!

Every single little thing we all do…ADDS UP and makes a difference!

This story is proof!

See printouts here –

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  1. The ONLY time I use my card is to buy gas (they pre-charge) and ONLY if I have to order something online for my business. . . otherwise, I always use cash and explain to people that I don't seem to know what is going on. I also take money out bi-weekly and use the cash. Yes, it impowers me to do that.

  2. When I pay cash and hand out a notice I always comment on the shut downs we have already had in Australia. National Bank, Coles, Telstra x 2 back in 2021/22. The customers could do nothing. Coles was down for 24 hours. I have had others show me they carry the 'why I pay cash' hand out as well. It simply makes sense.

  3. Standing in a delayed shopping queue behind five others, the shop assistant announced 'sorry the atm' is not working'…. I answered from the back of the line, 'I have Cash!'. 'well then I can serve you' the assistant said. So I moved to the front of the increasingly impatient queue, made my purchase and left, followed by the pun, 'It pays to have 'CASH'. Cash is also important for supporting street performers and buskers. Also independent food growers with honesty stalls in their front yards….

  4. Here is a jingle ought t'be heard on the "air waves" night and day.
    Sung to the chorus of "Keep yourself alive" :

    Keep that cash alive, yeah
    keep that cash alive,
    When you take out cash to spend your money,
    You're helping cash survive.
    Come on!
    Help that cash survive
    Keep that cash alive…. 🧞‍♀️❤️☮️

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