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  1. Freedom is the issue I'm not vaxed long ago cost me thousands fix the mess of the evil governments. Human beings need to take real action against this tyranny people are dying families destroyed. When good people do nothing when tyrant's win. Kill grid has been up a long while trust me civilisations all come to an end. History repeats itself over and over until…we all play our role in this family take up your sword and fight freedom fiction soon enough.

  2. The audacity of the newswoman to ask if she has anything to say to her victim. The modern era; where escaping persecution is persecuting. Words can't describe how much suffering you people are welcoming into the world with your ignorance. Future generations will have you pro-vax psychopathic spiritually neutered ghouls to thank for their hellish existence. There is no middle ground. NONE

120K Buyers in negative equity

120K Buyers in negative equity

Australians Are Not Permitted To Know If There Are American

Australians Are Not Permitted To Know If There Are American Nukes In Australia