Jay Bhattacharya: What I discovered at Twitter HQ

UnHerd’s Freddie Sayers catches up with Dr Jay Bhattacharya about his recent meeting with Elon Musk at Twitter HQ, and what he discovered about the Twitter Files.

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00:00 – 02:16 – Introduction
02:16 – 09:40 – Why was Dr. Jay Bhattacharya blacklisted on Twitter?
09:40 – 13:33 – What happens when Elon Musk gets in touch with you by email?
13:33 – 17:49 – What was Elon’s stance on covid and lockdowns over the pandemic?
17:49 – 22:00 – What was Jay’s impression of the other Twitter employees he met?
22:00 – 26:05 – What’s going on with social media?
26:05 – 30:58 – Censorship of the Great Barrington Declaration
30:58 – 35:16 – The legal case against Anthony Fauci and federal government
35:16 – 38:37 – Public health has become political over the pandemic
38:37 – 40:06 – Concluding thoughts

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  1. I wrote an article on the BBC some while ago in which I explained that there are ways of being politically biased which don't depend on "misinformation", "disinformation", "fake news" and other political cliches. I personally focussed on the bias which results from what is actually covered, who is quoted, how words are edited, etc. Indeed, there are a multitude of ways that the BBC and other outlets express their political bias – and none have anything to do with "making things up". This UnHerd of video shows us something that I didn't really focus on: what the BBC and other outlets graphically IGNORE. (In this case, the "Twitter Files".) There are innumerable examples of this over the years. And most of the stories ignored were ignored for reasons of political bias. ("The oxygen of publicity.") Sure, if you asked the BBC, New York Times, Washington Post, etc. why they ignored clearly important stories, then they'd come up with lots of skilled and erudite explanations. But none of them would have anything to do with these outlets ignoring stories because they believe that it is politically dangerous or disadvantageous to cover them. None of them would even be roundabout confessions of political bias or partisanship. The BBC, being funded by the British people, can NEVER come clean about its political biases. The cases of the New York Times, Washington Post, etc. are different.

  2. Americans of a certain age will remember the Twilight Zone episode with Billy Mumy where he could "wish" people into the cornfield if he didn't like something they said or the look on their face. The content moderators at social media companies think Billy was a hero rather than a monster!

  3. STRONGLY DISAGREE with Dr. Bhattacharya and the host that Fauci shouldn't be prosecuted and Elon should just chill. They had Just talked about how the censorship killed millions of lives during this pandemic/lockdown. And then say the mastermind of it all should just ride off into sunset? Just "remember" what he did so it's not repeated?? This doesn't add up. Fauci, Biden, Harris, Collins, Walensky, Birx, Deszak, Twitter, yt, Google, Pfizer, Moderna, JJ, Astra zeneca, WHO, EVERY GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL around the world must be prosecuted. Domestically and internationally. If this doesn't happen, we are telling them "go ahead, do it again".

  4. Don't prosecute Fauci? As punishment, let history remember that he made those mistakes? C'mon,! Fauci was responsible for the d/e/a/t/h of millions, he knew what he was doing, he was well aware of the outcome of lockdowns and his suppression of lab the lab leak. He MUST be prosecuted and made and example.

  5. I think it's overly charitable to describe all the things Fauci and the public health authorities of other countries did, as mistakes. It seems many of the things he (and others) did were intentional. E.g. covering up or obfuscating the possible source of the virus. They were not mistakes.

  6. I was assured by my doctor that she would give me the treatment I agreed with to combat the Covid in its early stage. And I appreciate that decision. My president Macron even spread lies saying stuff like vaccines prevent the spread… now the most dead are vaccinated not unvaccinated, as far as I read…, and our hospitals are dangerous since a great amount or nurses are banned ….

  7. I am sorry Anthony Fauci should go to jail for crime against humanity. He funded gain of function research and lied about it. He silence any voice that that did not share his views. The way he managed covid was the same way he approached the AIDs virus people died and the vaccination stopped. Fauci is a crook that little elf jail him.

  8. Our government wants to keep its people controlled through multi-faceted emergencies that keep a misinformed public from rejected these emergency policies outside the US Constitution laws. Medical, financial, criminal violence, electrical, transportation, food, water…etc. Eventually too many crisis to overcome resulting in governmental control to survive.

  9. "They're going to have an independent oversight and integrity committee"
    MISTAKE. That only paints a target on that committee, and tells special interest who to capture.

    We need free speech, so that ANYONE can bring up problems. If they want to "capture" us, they have to do what's good for all of us. =)

Oh FFS ASIO is Monitoring Conspiracy Websites… — Hey Everyone

Oh FFS! “ASIO is Monitoring Conspiracy Websites…” — Hey Everyone, Let’s All Wave to ASIO 🤦🏻‍♂️