Jeffrey Sachs Interview – BRICS and Allies Rise

Jeffrey Sachs Interview – BRICS and Allies Rise
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Jeffrey Sachs is a well-known American economist, academic, and public policy analyst who has made significant contributions to the fields of sustainable development and economic development. He has held various prestigious positions throughout his career, including serving as the director of The Earth Institute at Columbia University and as a special advisor to the United Nations Secretary-General on the Millennium Development Goals. Sachs has authored numerous books and articles on topics related to economics, poverty reduction, and sustainable development.

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  1. This guy is an idiot. Most "economists" are, Smith and Friedman aside…

    Japan is an ally. China is an enemy. China is attacking and at war with the US. This isn't about economics, this is about war…though economics is part of the war. Problem with guys like this, they have absolutely no clue what 21st century warfare looks like…even while living in one… and how economics is used in warfare today. Trumps tariffs were a response to China's tariffs and trade policies. China's closed markets weren't so much an economic decision…but, a national security/defense decision.

    China's "problems" today? What problems? They have become, arguably, the #1 economy in the world. Oh, they aren't growing as fast as they were? That doesn't mean much, when you have grown to #1 in the last 10-20 years. Poor China, they are having problems, we shouldn't be so hard on them, they have to do things like Brics, etc. Because America was so rotten to them.


    Brics is just part of China's, and to a lesser extent, Russia's continuing war with the US. Again, guys like this have no idea what war looks like in the 21st century. This idiot blames the US for militarizing the dollar? You don't think other countries have done the same and worse throughout history? Hell, remember Oil? Russia and the middle east still are doing it. China is militarizing slave labor to undercut and destroy western economies. In the end, everything is militarized. The world is ruled by force and always has been. Rule of life #1.

    Oh, and Trumps Tariffs on China? Do you think Biden actually won the election? China had its revenge. Biden is China's man…and always has been. China won the election, not Biden. "Conspiracy!!!" Yes…it is. They do exist.

    This ain't about economics. This is about war and national security/defense. Economists have no clue. This guy can't see the Forrest for the trees. Ivory tower arm chair blathering. There's a reason you ask 5 economists a question, and get 10 different answers. They simply don't know. It's always been that way. Govt's are the #1 end user of economists, besides education. How's that worked out? 😉

  2. Some of the non-tech that I think are positioned to go really up are Home Depot, Delta Airlines, Pool Corp, etc. I'II be rooting for these stocks, and have set aside almost $200k for that. Having issues now with how to allocate capital, and to know if my projections are right based on technical observations.

  3. 🚨Finally BRICS Beat the US to the Punch just recently De-dollarize the Global Financial System Added 6 new Members, US has been Totally Burn of Bitter Jealousy cannot handle China is rising rapidly it's unstoppable of US don't even have single Bullet Train with economy collapse Failing with Bankruptcy 5 Huge banks miserably Chaotic Broke infrastructures Junkies Cracks Pushers across the divided Shit-hole country "Empire of chaos" saturated infested Cold Hunger Homeless 3rd World poverty poor 😇😂😂

  4. china is not japanifying that sounds offensive, china was kept down by poverty and wealth stolen by the west, it also was attacked by: mongols/manchu/japanese/british/americans etc
    chinas progress is unique not merely because it was poor but i bet it did this via cia surveillance etc

  5. Japan lost it's economic lead in many ways because of US containment. Imagine the US and UK (USUK) would contain it's allies including members if the EU so what else it's non-allies. The US has no friends, only allies which are effectively USUK colonies and non-allies which are effectively USUK enemies. They have no friends. They are constantly spending $trillions derailing or destroying other sovereignties by demonising them and concocting wars that they have no time or resources to build anything, not even their own nation. They are focused on everything distructive but hardly anything constructive. Since Colombus, they've had to defame, destroy and demolish others for the lack of their own merits. That's just they way it is with them.

  6. In Jeffrey Sachs world, America is all bad and China is all good. Never heard him say a negative word against China or say anything positive about the country he lives in. That alone takes all the credibility away from him. He`s no different from the people he`s criticizing, just that he`s in the opposite team.

  7. G-day Jeff what I thought was interesting about the BRIC’s summit was what came after Niger sent V Nuland packing with the message from the chairman that Africa can take care of it’s own internal affares in the future and Nigeria agreed not intervein Niger because hus hus they would met by vagner group who are now deployed as pace keepers. Most interesting was the news after all took place Macron applied for membership in BRIC’s so that is how many more Europeans will follow given what happen with Nordstream it will interesting to see what if eventuates out of that because they are expecting it to be really cold this winter poor sods. Thank you input the brain gets a little dull without input. Cheers mate. 🫶👍

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