Jimmy Dore briefs the United Nations about the 2022 Nord Stream pipeline sabotage

On the one year anniversary of the Nord Stream pipeline bombing (Sept 26 2022), Dore briefs the UN Security Council about endless war, Seymour Hersh, and Americans’ confidence in our institutions: “The Western governments are silent even as the US says through anonymous sources that Ukraine is responsible for the Nord Stream attack, but they won’t blame them publicly. And so the United States continues to arm Ukraine to the teeth in hopes of extending the war and avoid peace. The Germans say it’s Ukraine but will not release their official investigation and will not make an announcement. The final obscenity is the people in the West who claim to be environmentalists and claim to care about climate change and the environment say nothing about the worse release of methane gas in human history, but in fact whose actions reveal they don’t actually care about climate change and continue to support this war and its eco-terrorism. In a bizarre twist, even Greta Thunberg travelled to Ukraine to meet with Zelenksyy after the Nord Stream Bombing”

Watch full Jimmy Dore and Dirk Pohlmann briefings with responses from Russia Federation, Japan, Gabon, Malta, Ecuador, China, Brasil and Switzerland –

One Year On, Security Council Hears Renewed Calls to Determine the Cause of Undersea Explosions Targeting Nord Stream Gas Pipelines

James Dore is an American stand-up comedian, political commentator/theorist, the host of The Jimmy Dore Show, a comedic political talk show on YouTube.

Stef Zamorano’s 𝕏 post:

3:16 – Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland is “gratified” that Nord Stream 2 is “a hunk of metal at the bottom of the sea” –

3:30 – Deputy Secretary of State Anthony Blinken call Nord Stream sabotage ‘a tremendous opportunity’ –

4:01 – Secretary of State Condi Rice in 2014 said “Over the long run you simply want to change the structure of energy dependence, you want to depend more on North American energy platforms”

Source: Watch full original with more speeches from the United Nations livestream –

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  1. This speech is so embarrassingly bad.

    Out of the three most discussed possible culprits on Nord Stram 2 sabotage; Russia, Ukraine and USA he chose the one with the least convincing evidence: USA, because that is who Jimmy Dore is.

    He is completely off the charts when it comes to civilian deaths 2014- feb 2021. Claiming 18 000 civilians were killed by Azov!! UN through its agency OHCHR has to this day only found 3 400 civilian deaths altogether which includes civilians killed on both sides by both sides.

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