Jimmy Dore Goes NUCLEAR (clip)

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Written by Sabby Sabs

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  1. Oh but jimmy don't have the same energy when it comes to China. Plus fox news is corporate media. Y'all act like fox isn't a big corporation. You don't get to pick and choose. If trump was president Tucker wouldn't let jimmy dore Come on there. Jimmy is not my hero like he is yours

  2. Is jimmy Dore the far left Heros. White zaddy white Zaddy. Putin is murdering people by the thousands. But you talking about Nazis. You a wanna be Kanye but when it comes to free speech not so much. Elon Musk is a fraud. But jimmy want speak on Kanye west's free speech. So jimmy Dore is not my zaddy

  3. Ukraine's president was voted In by the people of Ukraine he wast installed by the united states. Putin is doing what white folks did to the Original people who was here before us. Put your ok with that. You used to be against Colonialism. Guess your for it now

  4. Blindness and lack of vision plus willful ignorance doesn't have a race or social class and as Sabby and Jimmy would say the lack of ethics and self reflection has a cost in the real world in our country and communities Question power Question ignorance Question the corporate state elite

  5. Never mind your lying eyes. Nazis, yes real Nazis moved to Poland before Russia invaded after world war II. They also went to Italy, Turkey and what is now Ukraine. NATO was started by, and for the military industrial complex right before the end of WWII. They knew it would end and they were already trying to block Russia from taking Europe all the way up to France.

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