Jimmy Dore Makes Sam Harris Rage Quit Twitter

Since Trump’s election in 2016 Sam Harris has done an effective job of alienating his most ardent supporters by effectively transforming from an iconoclastic “free thinker” into a very pedestrian Trump-hating liberal like so many others. Now, to avoid the criticism of his own fans, Harris has apparently quit Twitter.

Jimmy discusses whether he’s responsible for the popular author and neuroscientist’s departure from the social media platform.

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  1. Jimmy — I like your content and you are truly talented in getting to the point on some important issues! Glad that you're on the right side of the vaccine debate now – sorry that you succumbed to the jab before the truth became obvious! But note, the truth of the jab was always there for those who don't fall under the "sheeple" classification. My only complaint is that often you tend to do a conciliatory attack on the right every time you make a devastatingly brutal, accurate observation of the failings of the left! Not that the right is not guilty in many issues, but the sins of the left are so awful and destructive to western civilization that the focus must be maintained on these destructive issues!

  2. I never liked Sam Harris, never trusted him, never thought he was that smart, always thought he was a fake and loved the sound of his own voice way way to much. It's so great to see him expose himself for what he really is and shrink away from the spotlight like the scared little boy that he is. Thanks to Jimmy Dore and the many others who helped to point out his obvious logic flaws and contradictions. Now Harris has willfully shown exactly who he is, a coward and a clown

  3. Of all the sources of what is going on… I hear it first here… and bonus facts without bias makes it totally possible for what we have in common to stand out & where we differ to have no divisive consequence. I firmly believe that non authoritarian socialists & non authoritarian capitalists have the same end game but a different idea of how to get there. It is not at all impossible for us to figure out how to bridge out gaps. We can have Healthcare for everyone… we can create a basic standard of living … sadly we gotta stop fighting …
    The best info is found immediately…before they censor it all.

  4. @1117. 😝 I’m a freaking hippy with the power to overthink into a year later of reasoning… on weeeeeeeeed. 😝 (John Stewart style in half baked) 😂
    The power of natural medicine is to block Idiocracy from seeping into the grey matter.
    Call me a pothead, weedhead, Grateful Dead follower; but don’t call me stupid by telling I have to take a 💉 vac 5 different times. That’s where the logical part of thc kicks in and slaps the flip out ya, guarding from Idiocracy.

    Be great mah peeps!!

  5. The sad thing is that this is going on inside families. My own on both sides, mine and my husband's – the name calling, ostracization . . . people who are highly intelligent and who somewhere deep down love us but cannot admit they were wrong about the pandemic response, Hunter Biden, Jan 6th because Donald Trump broke their brains. He really did break them.

  6. Sam Harris sounds like the kind of pseudo intellectual that was praised for his smarts as a kid by his mom and found out as he grew up that it was the only thing he had going for him and when he got to the real world and realized there were a lot of people more bright than him, couldnt take it and resorted to throw fit every time he was challenged

What happens when you say things like this

What happens when you say things like this?

CBDCs are totalitarianism in an App and a currency from

CBDCs are totalitarianism in an App and a currency (from Livestream #150)