Jimmy Dore On Tucker Carlson: The MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX Is America’s Greatest Enemy

Briahna Joy Gray and Robby weigh in on Jimmy Dore’s comments about the military industrial complex being a bigger threat to Americans than China. #pentagon #militaryfunding #defensespending

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  1. Charity begins at home. Feed your poor. Shelter those who have no home. Treat those who can't afford medical bills. Creat jobs for the unemployed. Provide free universities for your bright kids. Charity begins at home. Spend those Billions in your own economy. Be a good Christian. Reach out to the poor in your neighborhood.

  2. The military industrial complex owns our mainstream media. Proof of that is simply seeing how both the left and right media are in sync with the war drums when a new target is acquired such as Iraq, Syria, Russia, Iran, North Korea, and now China. One of the casualties from the beat of the war drums are Muslim and Asian Americans have to deal with discrimination and hate crimes.

  3. We shouldn't be looking to overthrow ANY government. It is not our job to determine what form of government a foreign nation decided to establish. This is why we are labeled as imperialists by many nations in the world. Regime change and nation building is a failed policy that only deepens the hatred other countries feel towards us.

  4. It is what it is. Who gives a.. to who, and what is left, right, top, or bottom? Get to the truth. A lot of countries give a flying f. to what Americans think about leftist, rightist, communist, or monarchy governance; they do not tell you to FO or invade and sanction the USA. Are you black or white? Can you be both, and arrogant at the same time and impose your values on others? What dumb ideological idiots. Maybe you should get on each other's case because you do like how the other party raises their children. Too white, too black! Duh?!!

  5. Why do y'all continue on Isreal? Over the years since they won the war they have given up territory at the behest of America. They won and everyone wants them to give in to those certain Arab countries that would try and make America a hardliners Muslim nation. It's like saying we need to give the southwestern states back to Mexico. Just dumb in my opinion

  6. We've been in a cyber war with China for years, so it's not exactly the correct to assume we're now "provoking a war" with China. We've already been in one. It just hasn't been a traditional "military force" type war. So I think that's the difference in sentiment between the Ukraine war and a "potential war" with China.

    I also would be concerned about COMPLETELY DECIMATING he military budget because I'd like our military force to remain the top among the world so the possibility of having a militant war come to our homeland remains highly unlikely.

    That being said, government has such HUGE mismanagement of money in general, including (and maybe especially) the military budget. It's completely unacceptable, and that budget should be held accountable and should be scrutinized and reduced appropriately.

  7. We the American People need to take action! Do whatever it takes to get things to turn around for our sake, our children's sake, and for generations to come!!! What people don't understand is we don't work for them but that's what we're doing! They work for us!! We Americans run the country!!! So what are we going to do about it?!! Are we going to keep putting up with this?

  8. It’s ridiculous that Kyle Kulinksi, who cut his political teeth on the lies of the Iraq War, literally said on his show that he fully supported sending aid to Ukraine. I don’t know if he’s shifted his position since then, but he was certainly one of the first progressive YouTubers to call for it.

  9. Jimmy Dore is 100% right on this issue. Our government labels China as our biggest geopolitical adversary because of their increasing global influence while the United States has been engaging in reshaping foreign countries for decades. Yes… China has been involved in many nefarious actions. Maybe the answer is to put more energy in defending against those actions and retaliation in like, not suggest that a military exchange is inevitable by 2025? Will our involvement in defending "Democracy" in Ukraine even be concluded by 2025? Not if escalation over peace is our policy… and right now, we're ALL IN. Save us all some pain and just PUSH THE BUTTONS ALREADY.

  10. I know Jimmy's time is limited. But do wish he would include "War is controlled by yhe military industrial complex, which is owned by large investment firms like Blackrock, State Street ect, bassicly the extreme rich, these are your enemies. They don't care about you"

700000 Russian soldiers are causing Ukraine to collapse

700000 Russian soldiers are causing Ukraine to collapse

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