Jimmy Dore RAGES Against War Machine At DC Peace Rally

At the recent Rage Against the War Machine rally in Washington DC, jagoff comedian Jimmy Dore took to the state to remind the attendees that the War in Ukraine is not about “freedom” or “democracy” but rather, like practically all wars, is in service of the oligarchy that rules us and seeks to keep us divided. And those ostensibly on the left who degraded, disparaged and dismissed the rally because they objected to some of the speakers have proven themselves reliable servants to the oligarchy and mere anti-war cosplayers.

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  1. Well said Jimmy, I do not agree with you on everything but being a libertarian conservative, I agree with you on more than others would expect. True liberals and true conservatives agree on most issue, we just disagree on the means to achieve. Nothing that adults and open minds can't work together and hammer out an arrangement. But the establishment doesn't want sound minded Americans on opposites ends working together,just like the race issue. It is good to see there are still some adults out there that don't have to agree on everything but do on fundamental issues that we all should rally behind!!! Thank you Jimmy for being an adult God bless!

  2. Glad to see peace savvy souls carrying big Russian flags there right around the speakers podiums… way cool USA has Russian Peaceniks who want to end the war on Ukraine and make peaceful diplomacy real and stop USA nuclear bombs proliferation.
    It’s time to demand all of us now here yes we are united in the light with truth, love and healing for people of all colors: Red, and Yellow, Brown, Black, Blue and White, yes we are united with eternal vigilance for our natural freedoms, civil liberties and divine rights to people standing up and being counted, Yes dare to take a stand. We all reach out to lend our helping hands! To spread peace throughoutall lands! We are all refugees due to warmongers profiteers who commit gross crimes, grim actions, gruesome deaths and grotesque heinous crimes against people, peace and all living things on our planet Earth. I declare as old founder of the Peace & Freedom Party here in California my home in 1960’s yes look it up. Peace & Freedom Party still stands for all the righteous humanitarian pro-peace stuff we always did

    We Declare OUR INTERNATIONAL DEPARTMENT OF PEACE & FREEDOM OFFICIAL 2023!!! JOIN Members of Blues Dreamers for Peace Movement local, state, national and global!!! We have soooo much in common for our good, our will and our happiness!!! I LOVE YOU 🎉ALL FOREVER SO MUCH AND WISH I COULD BE THERE WITH YOU!!! ❤😂😮🙏🕊️👀💜✌️🥰🗽💙💋

  3. Jimmy killed it. It's a beautiful thing to see and inspiring to hear from so many people from such a broad swath of perspectives, but I can't help but ask:

    Did it work? It's an honest question. Did we gain any ground? With the certainly intentional media blackout and politicians that just sit back and ignore rallies, did we get any traction in putting a stop to this madness?

  4. Started off a little slow but really revved it up midway through. I wanted to be there so badly, but I live in Sacramento on the other side of the country, so I'm hoping the next one will be in San Francisco. Maybe outside the federal building where Nancy Pelosi's office is located. We had a M4A march a few years ago that went right past there, and we stopped and had a die-in in front of that building. I just wanna swarm that damn place with an anti-war crowd!

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