Jimmy Dore SLAMS Media Lies Over Ukraine, Says CIA Coup Helped Ignite War

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Written by Timcast IRL

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  1. Too bad we couldn't talk to Putin and be like.. "Putin, bro… Whatever it is you're thinking about doing.. DON'T do it! That's what they want you to do!"
    "So whatever it is you were going to do in retaliation, do something completely different, throw them off!"

  2. Jimmy says we have no idea that we have no idea. Not true! I struggle so hard in my busy life to try to understand big issues, but there are so many people and groups involved that I can never sort it all out. I take forever choosing my position because there is so much to learn. I have a family to care for and more work than I can stay on top of. I'm short on time. I'm still curious. I just want to know what is true.

    Whoever repents of all his sins (turns from sins) and calls on the Name of the LORD, will be saved. He who died on a cross for the sins of the world, rose from the dead on the third day, and by His blood, whoever repents and believes, has full redemption of sins and eternal life.
    Today is the day of your salvation, repent and confess Jesus now as your Lord and be saved, because you broke the law but He paid your fine with His life's blood!

    For those with understanding: Matthew 24:40-41 will take place very soon, this is the sixth seal! This is the generation of the harpazo, rapture, and behold you will witness the trumpet blast that will make the sky recede as a scroll being rolled up! Therefore, be ready and be the five wise virgins, do not be the five foolish virgins! (Parable of the Ten Virgins.)

  4. Before the US entered into middle eastern politics with their peace bombs,
    Syrians enjoyed retirement for men 55, women 50. Free health care and education.
    For anyone who enjoys real research, this would be an excellent topic .
    Not one that the internet will be very helpful with at this point in time, however.
    Maybe the western oligarchs are fearful of the US figuring out how much WE are cheated?

  5. With respect, Tim, when you talk about international relations and strategy for nations, it would help if you studied the subject formally a bit. Cuz you sound silly. One of the ugly facts I had to face about the U.S. and our foreign policy was revealed when I studied "great power politics". Great powers run the world and other nations are dominated by them. If we were not a great power, we'd have no choice but to be dominated by one. This is axiomatic in international relations. As well, great powers are threatened by rivel great powers or new emerging powers. We become a target just because we are a great power. So we need some kind of way of using power to create a 'balance of power' for global stability.

    This isn't an easy or simple conversation to have. Get John Mearsheimer on your show and have him explain Great Power Politics to you. I dare you…

  6. Thank you Jimmy Dore. Reality isn't about who is right or wrong, it's about who is trying to control their reality. If not saying something that happened in court is lying by omission, then why is not informing the public to the real and total info available not disinformation by omission?
    Knowledge is power in that the culmination of knowledge through experience is the wisdom to perceive reality as it is, not as it is shown.
    Just expand the concept of, children and teenagers not realizing the lessons they were taught as meaningful until much later in life to the global population.
    Information can spread in many ways, the main way being the internet. the internet is censored/attempted to be controlled. so that leaves mail,phone,radio, physical speech.
    If you now limit the spread of communication further by making a multi-nation lock down and realistically all that remains is the phone. You can monitor most phone calls.

  7. Finally you guys are coming around to the fact that Ukraine is a criminal playground. Child trafficking, money laundering, drug money laundering, political “aid” money laundering. In other words US aid is being laundered back to democrat coffers, wealthy donors, CIA for operation funding. Not to mention the 12 illegal bio labs set up by the DOD, through Rosemont Senaca and Hunter Biden. The Russia scam is to protect the crooks past and to keep Ukraine safe for criminal and governmental laundering.

  8. Does Jimmy know whether or not there was provocation for the shelling of the Donbas between 2014-2022? Ukraine claims there was. Does Jimmy have any regard for the Georgians, Estonians, Latvians, Lithuanians, and Polish who are all united in opposition to Russian expansion? Does Jimmy know for a fact that the Russian puppet president of Ukraine was democratically elected in a fair election? Does he trust a dictator like Putin to establish free and fair elections? Why doesn’t Jimmy ever address the Holodomor? Why does Jimmy insist that Azov are Nazi even though there is no racial superiority component to their ideology?

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