Joe Biden Asks Putin Permission To Go to Ukraine To Give Away Our Money



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  1. While it's disingenuous at best, getting permission from Russia is probably the best decision Biden has made, pulling out of Afghanistan the only other good thing. He still looks limp wristed as hell because a real man just says how it is to all parties, then gets articles of impeachment at least twice.

  2. Ukraine: exploited by the West, oppressed by the East. If they join the EU, they'll be no better off than if they were subsumed into the Russian Federation. It's in their best interests to remain independent and resist BOTH Russian and European imperialism. The Ukrainian cause is a nationalist cause. Of course, I'm talking about the Ukrainian partisan freedom fighters, not the parasitic oligarchs that had been exploiting that country since before Putin took Crimea. But you really shouldn't be pro-Putin. He's not the antichrist, he's the "prince" of Rosh, but singing praises to him is the same as singing praises to the antichrist. Don't back either of those horses (or should I say "horsemen"). They're both destined for the abyss. They both have a date with Abaddon.

    Sic semper evello mortem tyrannis et parasiti. Ave vindicta!

    5:05 Would you say that if you had family there? I dare you to say that to the face of a Ukrainian immigrant or an American of Ukrainian heritage. I used to work with Bosnians who came here in the '90s to escape from the Balkans Wars. If I'd said something like that to them, they would have ripped my tongue out through my neck. And what if the situation was reversed? What if the US was invaded by China or the EU? And if you don't care about Ukraine, do you care about Taiwan? Do you care about Israel? The same forces that are encroaching on Ukraine and Taiwan have plans to either occupy or destroy Israel. Those forces will die horribly in the valley of Megiddo and anyone who ever sang praises to those regimes will be counted as collaborators. So be very careful not to back the wrong horse. You don't want to suffer the same fate as those who are destined to be buried in a nameless grave in the valley of Megiddo. We're called to REBUKE the powers and principalities of tyranny and corruption. So you're right to rebuke Biden, but you're wrong to sing praises to the chinless melon-headed "prince" of Rosh and his mongoloid barbarian gangster regime. Same for Tucker Carlson and Steve Turley.

    5:13 If you understood the biblical significance of it, you'd care. And you wouldn't be pro-Putin. Nor would you be pro-EU. If Russia takes Ukraine, China will take Taiwan. Putin is the "prince" of Rosh (he's also an avid supporter of a certain "religion of peace") and his regime is the principality of Gog. The CCP is the principality of Magog. The EU is on the verge of evolving into the Fourth Reich under the dictatorship of the Beast of Revelation. The only way Ukraine survives this is by remaining independent of both the empire of Gog and the empire of the EU. Hilarious that both of those empires call themselves "federations."

  3. Hahaha 🤡 show
    I wonder if this movie will have a happy ending. Even the Australian government are sending them money. But they tell us their sending tanks and troops. What a load of horse shit. Zelenski is an actor playing the part of president for the western DEEP STATE!

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