Joe Biden: Failure-in-Chief

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  1. Joe is projecting again . . .
    HE has the "Black Hole" in his chest. Where his soul used to be. But looking at his watch while those that gave their lives come home draped in American Flags, he's MORE than a Failure, he's a representative of those pulling his strings – they don't give a D@MN for those that voted for them or have become Cannon Fodder, they're all the same, all useful in their agenda for Absolute Power. And the Ui's that are left will also lose their Rights as well if this continues, I PRAY they don't find this out because the rest of us will fall with them.
    He and those who prop him up and are protecting him ALL need to be indicted and thrown into prison for THEIR crimes against this Nation.
    – NOW.

  2. I’m sympathetic to the loss of his own family members 😞. But he is the man in charge. When addressing the family of a service member who died on duty under his watch & can only talk about his loss ( as sad as that is ) it’s his responsibility & job to remember that these people died under his command not from accident or illness. But wile serving their country. Regardless of his own loss. It’s about the loss of service members under his command.!!!

  3. Ok. I don’t like Biden at all ,but he is just trying to relay how he fells their pain. His pain is no different from him losing him. I do think that he should of not been checking his watch but his son was painful event in his life and h was a veteran. He did night die the same way the other solders did but he was in a coffin and it was draped with our flag. Do I like him? No. Do I like what he has done to our country. No but his pain is still real. But to keep bringing him up for a political reason is bad and getting old.

  4. No honestly American destroyed afghan culture, we just made a enemy forever , I have no doubt they will not ever forgive us , all for a few to collect insurance money , we lost a country that could of have been a great ally. I’m selling out my mother family bush , because it was awful. The only thing I support from biden was getting our boys out of afghan

  5. It's almost like the left has some sort of tactic involving telling the exact same lie over and again. It's almost as if the more they say something, the more likely it is to be utter hogwash. Especially when they seem to be getting ahead of a question before people realize they need to be asking it.

  6. Opening line of Ole 46's "commemoration" (smh) for the fallen said he's recognizing the COMMAMDERS and those under them, yada yada……
    Excuse me, but YOU, sir were the COMMANDER on that particular operation that walked everyone into a lethal situation. "Failure in Chief" is the 100% appropriate label for this total disaster of a "leader".
    And the LAST characteristic that comes to mind concerning a 50-year politician (much less a Democrat) is EMPATHY, backed up emphatically by his actions, words, and overall disposition towards any and all human tragedies.
    Complete, disgusting disgrace.

  7. It's now known that at least 7 of those grunts that died voted for Trump.
    Mega republicans got what they deserved.


  8. When I heard about the incident that happened at the airport and that 13 of my fellow soldiers died, I did, too….inside. It was the moment that I realized that, as a US Army veteran, that the country that I loved and, at one point, was willing to lay down my life for in combat, no longer cared about it's soldiers. It was the moment that I realized that this 'administration' was a sham and that something may not be right with American leadership. And look what's happened since then. I'm a 60 year old man and tears still fill my eyes whenever I'm reminded of this day. Then there was the way he acted during that interview and, worst of all, his constantly looking at his watch during the 'receiving of the coffins' ceremony @ the airport. Jesus Christ just thinking about all of the stupid shit he's done since his 1st day in office really pisses me off!! (…forgive my language.).

  9. Thank you for the Honer Roll at the end. I'm a USAF veteran and I can tell you that Biden has this disdain for the military, especially the enlisted. He is like the rest of the Marxist that are in the Demoncratic party that to this day believe people enlist in the military only because thy are too stupid to get a real job. That is total BS. I know many people in every branch of the military that have college degrees. There are several that hold multiple degrees and some that hold Doctoral degrees. Even those that do not have college degrees have higher IQ's than the general public and also have a high degree of common sense, especially those that reenlist or make it a career. Most are very talented and I'm very proud to have served with some of the most talented people on this planet.
    Still, Biden and almost every elite left Marxist liberal looks at military enlisted as the lowest form of life on earth. Enlisted military personnel are not rich, they work hard, they fight hard and they are mostly proud of this country. To look at it another way, the enlisted are the soul and power of the military, they are the ones that maintain the equipment and do all the hard and dirty work. But Biden looks at basically all military as those dirty, sweaty common workers.
    Well, I would rather be a dirty, sweaty common worker than a corrupt politician any day.

  10. Everyone knows what Biden meant by his 'what do you want' question to that soldier that lost his arm and survived the airport explosion. The full question Biden wanted to ask was: "What will it take to keep you quiet about what happened there and not make a fuss or make me look bad?" GJ, 'Resident' Dung Beetle!

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