Joe Rogan: Brian Stelter Works For World Economic Forum Now

Joe gives his thoughts on Brain Stelter working for WEF now.

Clip From JRE #1940 w/ Matt Taibbi

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Written by The Roganites

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  1. But yet both of these guys will go out and vote for Democrats that openly endorse hate speech laws. Which illustrates how ABYSMAL of a party the GOP is. They should be positioned as the party of individual liberty right now, and instead they're rightfully seen as a flock of fools that won't take a stand and are corrupt as hell.

  2. Those who can only access the most primitive parts of their reptilian brains 🧠 isnt just evil they really believe in the pantheon of excuses on top of excuses.
    100% reformed modern day pagans .
    The climate and environment is to blame you must serve it. Clean out a safe space for the oracles to speak like Greta.jon Stewart, bill nye or Neil degrasee.
    Etymology ,definitions and revisionist history are all their obsession because they dont want to be exposed by it so must change it to suit their beliefs and world views.

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