Joe Rogan & Dave Chappelle: LOL The WOKE Attack On Comedy Is Senseless!!… THEY’RE JOKES!!

LOL WATCH TO THE END!! Joe Rogan & Dave Chappelle discuss the woke crowd coming to cancel comedians and comedy! You can’t cancel comedy the very premise of the genera is that it is not true or only half true!! People need to lighten up and not take everything so serious all of the time! What are your thoughts? comment below

Dave Chappelle is a comedian, actor, writer, and producer. He is the recipient of multiple honors, among them the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor, and several Grammy Awards. He’s the co-host, along with Talib Kweli and Yasiin Bey, of “The Midnight Miracle” podcast.

Joe Rogan Experience # 1647

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  1. The only time I have disagreed with something that Joe has said is when he said, in this video, –> "There isn't more violence than ever before, you only see it."
    That statement is absolutely WRONG. The Statistics on percentage AND absolute numbers completely destroy that statement.
    It also depends on the years he is talking about… WW2 doesn't count, Wars are not included in this statement. He was talking about Cities in the U.S.A.
    Violent crime and acts of violence are ABSOLUTELY higher than in previous decades, in both percentage and number.

  2. This country is collapsing under authoritarianism, huge debt, and government squelching the will of the people at every level from school boards to state and federal levels and these guys are telling us we're the most safe we've ever been? They need to get out of their bubble a bit more.

  3. I hope Joe is right about how we in the future we get better by all of the knowledge now available to use (paraphrase)
    Much of the internet was built on the gear my employer produced
    So during deployment of Internet 1.0 we speculated on what benefits society would get.
    Here is where we completely missed it:
    1. We are now more emotional /reactionary
    2. With all the data available to make good decision, we thought society/decision making would improve.

    I kinda of blame Steve Jobs for making everything so easy
    We can now just click on something and react
    Rather than really understand the underlying data and logic

    Maybe this is just a phase.
    Humans got this new toy called the internet and social media.
    We kinda screwed it up.

    But maybe we will learn from our mistakes
    And get back on the Trajectory that Joe and Dave talk about
    (Comedians are actually pretty smart people to come up with their insights they turn into Comedy)

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