Joe Rogan EXPOSES 15 Minute Cities For The Greatest Anti Establishment Clothing In the World!

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  1. Remember Klaus Swab from the world economic forum "you will own nothing and be happy". They want you to rent everything down to your toaster. Pitched as a weird rental commune… What happens when you play the board game monopoly and the other guy owns everything?…. They are trying to bring back the company town.

  2. Part of the 15 Minute city is that you won't be allowed to drive out of your city more than a couple of times a year or you'll be fined. They haven't calculated the increase in traffic because of the lack of storage in the 15 Min City…trucks will be needed more frequently to keeps stock levels up in the stores. What happens when you get too many of a particular trade in a "city"? Sorry you can't sell shoes/ be a lawyer/ be a plumber because we have a quota so you'll have to move or get a different job specified on this list of needs supplied by the 15 Min City controllers……I'm sorry you can't move here, we already have 3 brain surgeons/3 accountants/ 6 politicians in the area….who gets to live in the "nice" 15 minute cities and who gets to live in the "rough" 15 minute cities and will they'll get the same services? What happens if my house catches fire and my city's fire service is 15 minutes away, but the neighbouring city's fire service is only a couple of blocks away? Does it include prisons? Will we be subject to having our papers checked to make sure we are in "our" city? The questions are endless….simpler just to put up barbed wire and call it what it is……..

  3. As it is . We are facing population crash . There aren't enough babies been born, for the next generations. This will end the human raze. If politicians didn't have their heads up their buts. They cud have and can make it so the thing s we buy are more durable but no plan absolecens is built into most everything. Why. greed.

  4. In the U.K the Oxford plan closed down access to certain streets so residents are forced to go a much longer route around to get a short distance. The plan is to restrict household car journeys to 100 journeys per year. That’s per household not per resident so a family of 4 would have 100 journeys per year to include school runs, driving to work, driving to the grocery store, trips to visit family and friends. So 50 journeys per adult in the home. Oxford is a mix of people but the ones supporting a very liberal and happy to pay the charge for extra journeys, think Portland. Several roads that were blocked off had their boards removed, burnt, driven over, smashed etc by residents furious about having to drive miles around to get to their homes. We have some people who judge this but would be completely opposed if it happened in their neighbourhood. The other issue over here in the ULEZ cameras that charge a daily rate for driving an older vehicle, London has made it unaffordable for a family with an older car to get back and forth to work by car each day. People are starting to wake up though and finally realise we are not just tin foil hat conspiracy theorists.

  5. 15 minute cities are not new. If you want to see 15 minute cities, go to the former Soviet Union or East Europe. The whole Soviet Union society was designed around 15 minute cities…Massive apartment complexes with all essential services within a 15 minute walk. Subways and bus es connect the sub communities within the city. No bus or subways travel to country borders

This powerful moment will leave you speechless

This powerful moment will leave you speechless.

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