Joe Rogan SLAMS Canadian State Broadcaster CBC for Saying “Freedom” is a Far Right Word

Joe Rogan has been known to criticize Canadian PM Justin Trudeau, calling him a Creepy Dictator. In a recent podcast he put the CBC on blast for an article saying that the word “Freedom” is a far right rallying cry.

Joe Rogan Clip:

CBC article:

CBC National:

Andrew Lawton:

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  1. the truly evil person in Canada is Jagmeet Singh THE ENABLER that actually is not responding to Canadian citizens wishes for sanity in our government halls.He is a traitor to this country for not seeing an obvious call for a non confidence vote and dissolution of this minority coalition government of dogs

  2. The word 'freedom' is self explanatory…free from domination…free-dom…get it.

    The Root of the Word FREE:
    – could be derived from Old English freo "exempt from; not in bondage, acting of one's own will," also "noble; joyful,"
    – or from Proto-Germanic *friaz "beloved; not in bondage"
    – could also include sources from of Old Frisian fri, Old Saxon vri, Old High German vri, German frei, Dutch vrij, Gothic freis "free"

  3. CBC is a joke, just like CNN. If you want to get rid of them, change your station. Eventually they'll go bankrupt. Same goes with governments, I'm not sure why you people still haven't figured that out yet. It's going to be a hard lesson for you in the near future. Stop paying taxes, stop voting, stop using their currency (it's called "currency" for a reason because it's what powers them), stop using their systems and quickly they will become insignificant. Authority is in the eye of the beholder, if you don't understand this by now you get what you deserve and you have no right to bitch about it.

  4. LOL at the entire framing of the Freedom Convoy. Are you serious?? You get a criminologist who lived through the freedom convoy?? Everyone lived through the freedom convoy! Hell they served hotdogs and hamburgers! When you try to frame people who are literally fighting for freedom as villains it says more about how evil you are!!! HONK HONK!

  5. Humorous silly non threat comment here! No contempt or dissenting ambiguous meanings or shade k! So here goes: Jargeets' predicted, or integrated rise to PM, Justina takes her groomed position at the helm of G.E.F., Uncle Clarkus retires it's position as Supreme Sith lord, and disrobes it bio mechanical solar panel 0⃣ emissions avatar! And then with a maniacal auto tuned laugh;goes full on ASTRO BOY boot to rocket transforming I.c.b.a.(intercontinental brainwashing android) out of the simulation. Soma becomes the booster of choice. Sex becomes the expectation of transparency. And, Freedom? That is as much an illusionary illustration word, to convince us in the poly-issue global narrative that it's the culprit for everything. Then an euphemism will replace ot and it's relevance will become obsolete. With consent, choice, right, glory, salvation, redemption, passion, unity… well subtract the words in total to: yes, absolutely, forever, commitment, subscription fear ignorance silence…get the point… comment from the friend who hacked his friends account… see …transparency!

  6. what did you all expect people??? facts are turdeau loves basic Chinese dictator ship WAKE THE FFF UP PEOPLE, the Chinese government have lock-down the internet since its beginning, since it as started, like over 30 years ago, and now you're waking up, they will take your rights away, your freedoms, your GOD giving rights to express yourselves, of-course they want to control what the people do and think, MK-ULTRA major brainwashing is real not conspiracies, yous out there think you wont be affected, well flash news you will & your kids & grand kids will suffer due to the fact that they will normalize the behavior for future generations, well come back to slavery!!!

  7. Paul Joseph Watson at his other channel Anything Goes sd yesterday that Trudeau may resign, did you see it? Any further news? All these faux leaders such as Gruesome Newsom,
    Brandon aka Biden must resign and be tried and hanged for treason. Did you watch Died Suddenly? I'd rather be in a FEMA cam than take the jab. Thx Clyde.

  8. Disney's the Proud Family: Keep your 40 acres and your mule, We're taking our freedom.
    The Left: Oh so stunning, so brave. These teenages who live in well off familes companing how they want more.
    Freedom Covey: We should have the freedom to say what goes in our body and not get forced into it in order to live in a society.
    State Run Media: the word "Freedom" is a cry for the Far Right.


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