John Pilger On “Unrelenting” Propaganda

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Legendary journalist, writer and filmmaker John Pilger joins the show to talk about “the unrelenting nature of propaganda,” how to deconstruct the news, the proxy war in Ukraine, the coming war on China and more. Plus Human Rights and Environmental lawyer Steven Donziger reacts to the Supreme Court’s terrible decision against him and the people of Ecuador who were poisoned by Chevron. And Susan Kang speaks out against the medicare “reform” for public sector workers retirees being pushed by NYC Mayor Adams as a “cost savings” measure.

John Pilger has written dozens of books, including Heroes, Hidden Agendas, and Freedom Next Time. He’s made over 60 documentaries, including Vietnam: The Quiet Mutiny, Year Zero: The Silent Death of Cambodia, The Secret Country: The First Australians Fight Back, The War You Don’t See, The Coming War on China. He has appeared as a contributor on BBC Television Australia, BBC Radio, BBC World Service, London Broadcasting, ABC Television, ABC Radio Australia, among others, and his writing has appeared at The Guardian, The Independent, New Statesman, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Nation: New York, The Age: Melbourne, The Sydney Morning Herald and more. Learn more about him at

Susan Kang is an associate professor of political science at John Jay College, a member of the executive council of the Professional Staff Congress, CUNY (faculty and professional staff union at CUNY), and member of the NYC Democratic Socialists of America.

*Attend the rally against the privatization of Medicare.

*NYC Retirees is a group that is raising funds and hiring lawyers to fight the imposition of this impending change to their healthcare which is a for-profit scam. To learn more, donate to help their efforts and more, please visit:

The prosecution of Steven Donziger, which has been condemned by the United Nations, Greenpeace, Amnesty International, Amazon Watch, and 64 Nobel Laureates, is a literal corporate prosecution. After the Southern District of New York refused to prosecute Donziger, the judge assigned a corporate firm which had represented Chevron to go after him. The judge also made the unusual move of handpicking the judge to oversee the case and chose a judge who is part of the Right Wing Federalist Society which gets funding from…. you guessed it… Chevron! Support Steven at:

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Written by Katie Halper

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  1. America's infatuation with our specious two-party electoral process and political system is sad evidence of the success of our national propaganda machine. Never-ending global war-mongering, a disgraceful "education" system, a healthcare system that is a virtual money machine, and a crumbling national infrastructure, are ALL further evidence of the insidious "success" of our national story tellers. The more economically desperate citizens become, and the less educated they are, the more gullible they become. Its's the American Way!

  2. America's capacity for objective critical thinking has been intentionally excised from our educational curriculum for many decades. I saw it happening during the Viet Nam War. Our current educational system could be considered little less than a propaganda machine, making us good consumers and willing puppets of an ever-enlarging propaganda machine. The war in Ukraine is the crowning achievement of that paradigm.

  3. Educational/intellectual paucity coupled with systemic economic insecurity only helps to facilitate the manipulation of MILLIONS. We are being "herded", pacified and "lobotomized" by a cadre of individuals with an over-blown sense of superiority and entitlement. I am as old as Mr. Pilger. WE see it, when so many cannot.

  4. The obvious answer to the difference in America's perception of the Ukraine War as opposed to the War in Iraq is that Ukrainians are WHITE CHRISTIANS and not poor, muddy-colored believers in a different religion. Religious, racial and economic subtleties are ALL insidious aspects of propaganda.

  5. Quite the bullshitter, this Pilger. 'Those poor Russians, being provoked into this invasion.' When (not if) China invades Taiwan, he will probably say the same about poor, little China. He is now already spouting CCP propaganda almost verbatim.

  6. The true irony is that Americans now easily violate the democratic principles upon which this nation was founded AND the very "christian" principles embodied in the "golden rule". The hypocrisy that is so evident in the contemporary world is direct evidence of the "success" of propaganda.

  7. Of course the elites will hide from the great John Pilger!
    Will not subject themselves to his rigorous scrutiny….
    They are as corrupt as he is honest
    Intellectually, and morally bankrupt, at this point,
    as Chris Hedges would say, they have retreated to VERSAILLES….!
    And otherwise bullying, verbally, and via the police,
    and Of course general lawbreaking

  8. I like John Pilger he is honest about the West but turns a blind eye to the Orwellian surveillance state, with its genocide against Uighurs, and imprisonment ( verdict before trial) of political dissidents, and so on. If he was consistent and showed the same level of criticism than one could call him unbiased and objective. Speaking of propaganda what do you think Emperor for life Xi disseminates to his subjects?

  9. @Katie Halper Its not beyond the realm of possibility that WWII might be regarded as a proxy war, given significant Anglo-American investment in the German (Nazi-militarized) Economic Miracle; further evidenced by Neville Chamberlain appeasement policy.
    The 1930s witnessed yet another proxy war in Spain. Soviet Russia had supported the Spanish government while Germany and Italy supported Franco's insurrection – all the while the U.K., U.S., and France remained quote-unquote, neutral. This is well-described in Orwell's Homage to Catalonia.
    Prior to the German offensive, Stalin attempted to organize a defensive alliance with the West, but was rebuked. Stalin then sought a non-aggression treaty with Hitler which was later betrayed by Germany. For these reasons, it's not beyond the realm of possibility that Germany might have been propped-up by the West for the purpose of an attack against Russia.

  10. Fantastic guests Katy !

    Re: solving healthcare…

    There is no point in putting time and money into fixing what a monstrous monopolist built, as long as his descendants, partners and employees own it, lock stock and barrel. Rockefeller Doctrine is a deadly and horrible pseudoscience. Monopolists are not interested in the scientific method, because they are invested in outcomes favorable to their income streams. All Rockefeller Doctrine must be removed from science, healthcare and academia for harm reduction and wellness to begin in this country.

    The monopolists hide their money and power behind trusts, foundations and philanthropy. Bill Gates and his fraudulent foundation is like hype man for the Rockefeller cargo cult.

  11. 'Propaganda' was formerly a value-neutral term and still is in parts of Europe. There was true and false propaganda. Circa World War I, it was decided that all foreign propaganda was false, so that a new term had to be found for "good propaganda". That's why Bernays coined the term 'public relations', for domestic, good propaganda. And the term 'propaganda' was made exclusive to all foreign propaganda.
    When Russia "invaded" on February 24th of last yeat, there were over 200,000 Ukrainian troops on the contact line established by the Minsk Accords, mobilized and ready to do to the Russian ethnics of Donbass what they'd been threatening publicly on Ukrainian television, that is, exterminate all of them ("Moskals to the knife!"). Pepe Escobar has talked about this.
    After standing back as he was excoriated by those of the Donbass who had been seeing the arms and legs of their children blown off by junta shells, missiles, and aerial bombs, their marital partners and elderly brutally murdered as they sat in their homes, and their houses burned to the ground, and excoriated by political opponents for not taking action, Vladimir Vladimirovich got on television and clearly stated that the Special Operation was a drastic action that had been ordered by the Duma in order to save millions of what were essentially Russian lives.

  12. Great stuff!! I'm trying to come to grips with the insane propaganda. A dear friend of mine who before he died several years ago looked at me 🤣 n shock and asked why I was supporting Trump. I answered that I wasn't, I was merely pointed out the inherent lies in Russiagate and highlighting the liberals hypocrisy and double standards. He was so gaslighted he absolutely could not grasp what I was saying. I have so many former friends who have ghosted me because I refuse to buy the not their false narratives of Trump and or the war in Ukraine. We're on the crazy train fer sure…ya betcha.

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