Jordan Peterson Being Sent To “Re-Education”


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  1. i think this whole situation proves that power corrupts, the left was once seen as accepting and loving, but now they turn into the tyrants that they used to hate. they now have the power due to mass media only pandering to them, and cancel anyone that doesn't agree with them. i can only hope i wouldn't be a complete asshole in their shoes.

  2. So from what i know about transgenderism, its actually not genetic. As in there is no "Gay" or "trans" gene.tye way it was explained to me by my professor in college was: when a fetus is going through its developmental stages, the female body introduces a mix of sex hormones. Now for reasons we are not entirely sure of, sometimes the female body will produce too much or too little or a specific hormone. So if a male fetus is exposed to too little testosterone or too much estrogen, it can irreversibly alter the neurology of the baby's brain. So a male child will be born with part or all of their brain having female neurology. Depending on the severity of the hormonal imbalance it can cause people to be attracted to the same sex(or gay) or if sever enough tha that causes cognitive dissonance that we would call gender Dysmorphia or the feeling of being a women trapped in a mans body.

  3. 8:12 to answer your question, what if perhaps the reason that the percentages have increased is because it has become more widely accepted allowing people to feel more comfortable essentially being themselves, or even a combination of a few things, as stuff like this is impossible to put on just 1 or 2 things, making any attempt to seem idiot and a way to push an agenda from any viewpoint regardless of political beliefs.

  4. Regarding the homosexuality polling shift you described:
    It’s not entirely genetic. There are cases totally explained by genetics. There are cases where it’s not. There are cases everywhere in between.
    Also as acceptance has become more open and widespread, bisexuality has become more openly expressed. It’s possible “barely bi” peeps have begun self describing as gay.
    And social rewards for presenting as gay have exploded so that is happening too.
    But another big thing that changed is the definition of “straight.” In times like now where straight means opposite sex attempt action only, yeah a lot more people become non-straight. But in the past, before sexuality was even a formalized concept, straight was living and sleeping with the opposite sex. A lot of bi people were under that label.
    Gayness isn’t completely genetic, it totally can be. But it’s not always. Tolerance and changing definitions have made it so bi sexual people can and do identify as gay. And social pressure is there too.

  5. Please represent this news fairly Dank. Peterson works as a psychologist and professor in Ontario (albeit on hiatus/sabbatical), which is funded by taxpayers, and part of that gig is agreeing to represent your organization with professionalism and ethics. This isn't a private company, we the citizens fund his career, so he is therefore accountable to the public. The CPO is there to ensure their work is taken seriously; they want patients to remain confident in their work and that they'll be cared for properly. They also regulate practitioners' behaviour, i.e. ensuring that anyone using their position to act inappropriately with their patients is punished and are practising ethically.

    Peterson went from being a well-reasoned source of psychological insight to being a clown, commenting on and delving into topics he has zero experience with and making himself, and by extension, his profession look like a joke. Peterson was well-known up here for chasing the limelight and fame for years before he blew up, and now he's got his wish. BUT, being a psychologist in the province of Ontario isn't meant to launch their doctors to stardom, it's to provide care for it's citizens. Peterson has lost sight of this, and the fact that the CPO is going this route to ensure he remains within that scope instead of expelling him shows that protocols are in place to reform people acting inappropriately and not "shutting down wrong-think". If the government of Canada / Ontario were some tyrannical communist cabal as you love to constantly claim, he would have been out on his ass a long, long time ago.

    I know you have an audience to cater to, but I don't think you're some grifter shit bag like many on the right (and left) clearly are. Please think about these situations before coming to your preconceived conclusions.

  6. Oh noes the lefties again.

    No. Hard disagree.

    The man is unstable. Mentally unstable people should not be holding licenses. Simple as. You're saying there shouldn't be a system like this? What's the point of a license then? They didn't even say they would revoke his license if he doesn't change his mind. He stayed employed for YEAAAAARS despite his controversy. You advocate for no standards here. But no, another victim of the matrix right here.

    This isn't reeducation. This isn't new. This is a smart guy that let his anxiety get to him.

  7. The official position of the Canadian government is that if you don't hold the state narrative then your beliefs are unacceptable. Trudeau said this and nobody even bothered to walk it back or do damage control. So of course they would come out with "re-education" and not even bat an eye at it. As far as they are concerned JBP holds unacceptable views and needs to be taught how to think the right way. The idea that this its bad for government to be the thought police doesn't even register with them.

  8. A small correction. The government and people in power know and don't care. The average leftist has no clue. Their brains just seem to filter out conflicting information or just deletes those memories instantly upon learning a new terrible fact. If seen this happen in real time. Talking with a leftist and telling them about all the terrible crap some leftist government has done and they either go full NPC and stare at you blankly as if you never said anything at all, or they say some version of "I've never heard of that", and then when you bring it up later they don't know what your talking about, as if you never said it.

  9. This is a clown show….

    My country was under "The Bad Bois from 1939 you know" and I know what there were…inside….they were monsters…. but this, THIS!! takes the cake… if you wanna live in another "Third raicheeeee Amerykaaaa/ Canadaaaa/ Brytayyyyyyn", well OKE. but leaves US alone!!!!

  10. I'm of the same opinion 100% but what if they just feel more confident in being honest about their sexual preference regarding being gay etc 🤔 hence the increase in percentage.

    But the flip side is there is more people in further education on the planet hence the increase ?

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