Jordan Peterson DEFIES ‘Re-Education’ Orders by Licensing Board

Jordan Peterson is being compelled by The Ontario College of Psychologists to ‘re-educate’ himself in order to keep his license. He refuses to comply.

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Photo: Gage Skidmore

Written by Due Dissidence

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  1. Re-Education was Jordan Peterson's word so I wouldn't use it as it has an obvious negative conotation on purpose. Manditory sensitivity training maybe? FYI, I think he is a quack and a fake intellectual, but should not be silenced in any way as I am a free speech guy.

  2. Jordan Peterson is a joke, everytime I listen to people like Jordan Peterson and other "internet daddies" it's kind of saddening because this is the level we are at.
    When it comes to the trans stuff I always bring up the fact people like Jordan Peterson says absolutely nothing about African women being banned from sports for being too "manly". I've read his book, dude writes like a 5 year old on weed

  3. JP freaks me out when he talks about classic masculinity because he talk about the nuclear family and force monogamy as his in goal with his psychotic Christian mind. I’m not sure if Keight and understand the history of Christians and how intertwine they are controlling our politics, It’s why we have a sexless country well violence is accepted

  4. In the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939), Liberals and Socialist (The Left) in the U.S. formed Brigades like the "Lincoln Brigades" would Man up to fight and die for their beliefs and the defense of others. (A rather Masculine Trait that is looked down upon at present.) but now all you get from the left is a hashtag and real angry typing. Are we witnessing the a total feminizing of the Left?

  5. You’re on the money when you say they got a hard on for Peterson because he’s a critic, an outsider, personally i find him a big sort of ‘meh’ and he’s overrated, but he’s telling his followers that there are other ways of doing things. It’s irrelevant whether it comes from the left or right. Look what the establishment did to Jeremy Corbyn in the uk.

  6. Such hyperbole. Much wow.
    What Jordan is going through IS shameful and harkens back to "women's 'hsyteria'" pantheons of thought… but to launch right off the bat with with the catastrophizing hyperbole "how Canada is turning into a Dystopian HELLSCAPE very quickly" should really send your own alarms bells ringing that YOU might be too far gone in your own ideology.
    Just food for thought.

  7. The same thing just happened in California. Doctors there can lose their licenses if they spread "false or misleading medical information", even if that information is consistent with their individual medical expertise and ethical concerns. The only thing permitted is information approved by the state. So if your doctor prescribes Thalidomide and you end up with a baby looking like an Alaskan King Crab, it's fine, because that medicine was approved. But if he cautions you about a fifth booster for your teenager, it's game over.

  8. How do you two clowns claim being anything left is beyond me….
    First of all is it dystopian when they gave him the license? Coz a license is not something you make for yourself its granted by the board and regulations of said country?
    So are you two bozos going to claim that it is dystopian for him to have received it in the first place coz you know "authoritarian government REEEEEE".

    Further more I wonder why they would want to recall him if he doesn't match current day standards, god forgiden we apply latest studies and science on things. Guess 50s doctors can still smoke during surgery and before that doctors didn't wear gloves, so if they practiced today they shouldn't wear gloves and not get their license suspended?

    Also jordan peterson is asked to simply stop lying that doctors and the lgbt are castrating and doing bottom surgery to kids, which is not true.
    That the bible is the source for all truth, his insane lobster theory and worse claims like the lgbt is wanting to convert your kids and so on.

    I know you two clowns will never have anyone to rebuke your claims to get into a debate with someone who will because you know you got nothing

  9. Have neither of you seen a political compass, who are these magical lefties that deny leftist authoritarianism
    Authoritarian agendas are are political. Literally the basics of the political compass

    You guys are really trying to be the new Jimmy Dore of youtube. Completely unchallenged, utterly ahistoric, one sided and serving the right from your supposed leftie standpoints

  10. There is no law forcing people to be called by their preferred pronouns how about you learn something before you speak lies
    – the law itself under the title says it is not legally admissible, tho it can be used in circumstantial evidence in the case of a hate crime for example as further evidence for someone's hate crime motivations
    Jordan peterson also has lied many many many many times

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