Jordan Peterson: I Can’t Believe This Just Happened!

In this thought-provoking video, renowned clinical psychologist and professor Dr. Jordan Peterson delves into the controversial topic of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Whether you’re a fan of Peterson’s work or simply interested in Canadian politics, this video is sure to provoke thought and spark conversation.

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  1. Look up the father of old Justin. Compare the height of his "father" with good old Justin. Search for the pictures of his parents with Fidel Castro. Search for the lifestyle of his parents.
    Draw a beard on Justin and see who he resembles more. His "father" or Fidel?
    He has been raised since birth by Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum. Klaus has admitted this.
    These people are secret hand shaking monsters bent on taking our freedom.

  2. Town is in an overpopulation crisis, government party change is a seemingly prefect excuse to pass the blame. as so living under that for years, marriage is something for "joint sustainability" not having a family… tho do it anyway. promoting marriages of gay connections many as 20 same sex married to each other as a group in one house… that's the only way a mortgage gets paid. the end of the story of Adam and Eave nor Marry and Joseph's recreated in singularities of modern society, you get federally married to your municipality or get put in a cage and relocated for one of many arbitrary laws, no money is the #1 reason, make it somewhere else and the problem with attempted annexation/foreclosure goes away. "phytologically stained from the first act" just like school classes, 40 too 400 to a group of municipally educated to function as small commonwealths. (not a part of one = not a Canadian though to be a Nomadic Native) speak the slander of conjured hypocrisy seeded thru interconnected entities or nothing at all.

  3. *{ THE °ONE-THING THAT YOU WILL · "NEVER" · HEAR A *NARCISSISTIC~DICTATOR SAY : }* #············>·········>·······>····> "I-WouLd GLadLy Step-Down And Relinquish °My~Power ··· The Day That The~PeopLe Spoke-Up And Said They No Longer Want °Me As Their *Leader" !

  4. People like Trudeau for the same reason they like Hollywood. They are willing to suspend their disbelief in order to acknowledge a false reality which comforms them, simple as that. As far as I can see, Trudeau has no experienece in which to match against the reality and challenges of life in Canada as it is experienced by citizens across a diverse array of life experiences. Trudeau has to go!

  5. He is part of the Young World Leaders trained by Karl Swabs and has been groomed to carry out the World Economic Forum's agenda along with all the other cronies trained by Swabs. Together they are implementing policies to do away with democracy and to control the economies and governments world wide.
    They intend to do away with private property and fiat money to impose a Goverment control digital currency that they can shut down or devalue at will.

  6. Politicians don't care about your well-being and ,obviously, your wealthe. They only care about their own reputations and authority. Why are some people so obsessed with particular leaders? 🤔 I don't believe any of their promises. Their "promises" equated to reputation to get what they wanted. Maybe it is time to learn to find mutual ground , especially when it comes to politics.

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