Jordan Peterson: Narcissist Justin Trudeau has never said a true word

Dr Jordan Peterson discusses his home country of Canada, which the professor believes has been taken over by Left-wing authoritarians and predatory psychopaths.

Listen to this bonus episode of Off Script hosted by The Telegraph’s Steven Edginton.

Jordan Peterson on The decline and fall of Canada

Why does the situation appear particularly grim, here in Maple Leaf Country? We were, for most of my country’s history, miraculously and thankfully dull: our constitution, ensconced safely under British authority until 1982, enshrined “peace, order and good government” as the most basic principles of our dominion. This was not the clarion call ringing out to rally our good friends south of the border, who aimed at the much more dramatic and libertarian “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” It was good enough, however, to produce a reliable, safe, secure and free state, conservative in the classic small-c sense, with institutions both predictable and honest, and an economy both productive and generous.

That all started to change in the 1980s. Our dashing prime minister, Pierre Elliot Trudeau – father of the current Prime Minister, our current clown prince – was searching desperately for a legacy and for a solution to the chronic problem posed by the Quebec separatists, who were genuinely threatening the integrity of the country. Quebec was the last feudal country in the West: extremely traditional and dominated by a very small, tight, essentially hereditary elite right until the end of the 1950s. Quebec dumped all that in a few short years in a fit of 1960’s freedom, also dropping its birth and marriage rate with exceptional rapidity (both are now among the lowest in the world) and abandoning the Catholic church in favour of a crude nationalism and a more-or-less socialist utopia favoured by those who pushed to also tear apart the country.

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  1. What is a problem with Trudeau in light of his lack of qualifications is people ignore all his negatvies even when they are continuously blatant.
    Peterson is right … some people don 't want to hear it… Kinda like the Captain of the will get better and it is going to a disaster..

  2. All goes back to the Common Purpose Charity that Blairs New Labour spent millions sending its supporters on courses as Labour or should that be Blair, tried to take over the UK. When the list of members and graduates hit wikileaks they went mad cos it exposed Police Lawyers Judges Councillors and its philosophy was mob rule, even if it was against the law if it fitted the will of the majority, DO IT !! So they made sure when needed they held a majority voting right, the British Justice System then became the unjust system cos the Laws of Court were ignored and broken for fun

  3. What purpose it serve keeping a compulsive liar and cheat in power? He is obviously brainwashing the Canadian people using propaganda just as Adolf Hitler did. Is ut not about time that Canadians WAKE UP and everyone declare a vote of NO CONFIDENCE against his entire political party?

  4. It's amazing how leftists cancel anything they disagree with, I saw Sound Of Freedom yesterday in the cinema here in Ireland.
    Very powerful film ,I went online afterwards to rate it on various film websites, no listing.
    Any wonder Disney got away with blocking its own movie for five years.
    No coverage in MSM either.
    We struggle on!

  5. Left wing authoritarianism is female nature that is out of control. Right wing authoritarianism is male nature that is out of control. We live in such a feminized society its no wonder why we are seeing the rise of radical, far left, socialist (female collectivism) ideologies. A healthy society has a balanced mix of both with a slight lean in the direction of the male traits such as order, objective truth, structure, honor, accountability and equal application of the law. Our current society is one of willfull ignorance, subjectivism, collectivism and favoritism.

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