Jordan Peterson’s INSANE Canadian Censorship Debacle | Breaking Points

Saagar gives his take on the recent controversy surrounding Jordan Peterson and Covid information on social media.

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Written by Breaking Points

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  1. To play devil's advocate I guess teachers are kept to such a high standard as well. If these professions represent the industry do they have responsibility to how they present themselves? Kind of like a company sponsored person who says things the company doesn't want to align with

  2. I’m an attorney, and I recently got into a heated debate with a bunch of immigration lawyers who argued that any immigration lawyer who supported Trump should be disbarred.

    It was actually quite scary to see how a bunch of legal “professionals” all can take such a hate filled, unapologetic stance against their colleagues and makes me wonder how this same line of thought can carry its way into governing bodies (the Bar Association).

  3. I absolutely hate Peterson, however I think this is the most rediculous and insane abuse of control over a person and their free speech than I've seen in a long time, and I think this type of forced censorship is uncalled for. I do also fully agree with jordans viewpoints on Trudeau.

  4. The certification of many fields are governed by an association of professionals within that field.
    Much like when someone gets fired for doing something that makes the company look bad, these associations have a responsibility to the peers in their field to protect the reputation of their profession. If they deem the actions of an individual reflects poorly on their field, then they can recommend corrective action. At that point it is Peterson's choice, he can accept the sanction, he can choose to challenge it, or he can choose to forgo his certification.

    Peterson wants to have his cake and eat it too. He wants the freedom to say and do whatever he likes without constraint, but he wants to say and do those things with the prestige of having Dr. at the front of his name as authorized by his peers. His peers have now told him that he no longer has that luxury

  5. Every time you guys cover a Canadian issue you miss the mark. Makes me wonder if you are just as bad for U.S. stories.

    Freedom of speech means you can't face legal punishment for something you say. That's it. Peterson is facing consequences from his profession's governing body.

    Jordan Peterson's licence is issued by the Ontario College of Psychologists, they have the authority to revoke the licence of anyone that has violated their rules of conduct because they are a self regulated entity. They have certain requirements of their members' public conduct, because it appears unprofessional, and reflects badly on the college and profession as a whole.

    To say Peterson has behaved unprofessionally on social media is an understatement. Anything he disagrees with about their decision can and should be appealed internally.

    If Peterson cares about keeping his licence, he will take the course and follow their rules. He obviously won't though. He will lose it purposely and then make a video where he cries about his free speech being denied, because he is a grifter.

  6. They're going to come after him. I work with psych patients, and everyone should go after Peterson. I believe he cares about the issues he talks about, but he's a massive risk in all kinds of ways. Think about it: psych and pop culture together are already a recipe for disaster.

  7. Listened to the whole vid. I see where Saagar is coming from and don't really even disagree, but as is often the case: Saagar is out of his depth. Psych is one of those things that is too amorphous to not be scrutinized from both sides. It should be known Peterson is not representative of science just because he sometimes is. Psych is too complex and too misunderstood/new. Still.

  8. Jordan Peterson, government wants him to go to re- education government speech training or they'll take his licenses as a health care practitioner he spend years to get, this is an all out war against free western straight men, that doesn't want the gay, feminist, Marxist agenda on us they want us docile and passive. We are all in danger.

  9. Why is Breaking Points running defense for Jordan Petersons image? He is a vile disgusting piece of human excrement. This is the kind of segment subject matter that does a lot of damage to your channels credibility. Also the little wrap up was pretty transphobic. Gender is just like human sexuality well within the realm of Psychology. Homosexuality used to be viewed as a mental disorder technically but now its clearly recognized to just be a facet of the human condition and accepted. Trans people deserve that same right, trans rights are human rights. Your channel purports to be above the norms of the mainstream media narrative but you don't seem to actually walk that line when it comes down to your content. Highly disappointed in this segment and Saagers blatant trans-phobic rhetoric. The man clearly has a lot of growing up to do. And Krystals sheer disdain is palpable when the camera cuts to her face after Saagers tirade. Just a shame. I think she would do better financially and viewership wise if she left the show to do her own thing.
    EDIT: And just today Peterson is tweeting in defense of Andrew Tate after his arrest in Romania for Sex Trafficking and Rape, its no surprise that Jordans license is being called into question.

  10. When will these people learn, JBP is an idiot and censorship of him is like placing a nail gun against your palm.

    If they actually wanted to revoke his license they should just be talking about his anti science views on trans issues, not Policy issues.

  11. On the, it happened in Canada, so it could happen in the U.S…. The Canadian Charter — quite to its shame — allows for "reasonable limits" on freedom of speech, which is not the case for the 1st Amendment, in which the prohibition against abridging freedom of expression is unqualified… Of course, with the Twitter Files, one is appalled at how effective the powers that be have been at bypassing the letter of the law…

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