Judge Stops Biden From Censoring – Corporate Media MELTS DOWN!

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  1. Take it from a Linguistic, Nome Chompsky is a PhD in linguistics. He's literally a doctor in bullshitting.

    Let's not forget that Chompsky was once employed by the security sector to write propaganda to use on Vietnam people during the war. In which he came out speaking against once the war reached a certain unpopular level.

    Nome is a deep state shill that has turned people away from questioning hard truths and created a uturn back to voting democrat for those that want more than just a failure of a left political party.

    Nome Chompsky is a conservative democrat. The most dangerous kind of necon. Because he presents himself as something other with a high degree of proficiency. While functioning as a make-believe champion of civil liberties.

    I will feel the same about him when he is no longer as I felt the same way about conservative judges dropping dead. His use of oxygen has made my granddaughters future harder than it has to be.

    Nome Chompsky is evil. Let him swim forever in a lake of fire. Blessed is the angel that drags him there.

  2. Funny while Christians were saying Chompski was craven….you two guys were praising him (not his content) and this guest —- Left wing version Lionel, was even getting autographs…?
    Anyway Chumpski is 9.9 million years old he ain’t got time to sign your petition or get into Twitter spats. He’s getting ready to stand before his maker.

  3. WHAT exactly happened to ALL 7 buildings with a WTC prefix on Sept 11, 2001?

    The following points need to be made regarding what exactly happened to the building and the observable evidence at ground zero, that the “9/11 truth movement” never touch on…

    1. Building 3 (Marriot Hotel) – 14 Survivors – It was a 22-story building – 90% of that building completely went away, all the way to ground level and the 10% of it that was still standing (about 3 floors of the stub left standing) is where these 14 people survived.

    2. Building 4 – 9 stories – 75% of it, also went away – all the way to ground level – Poof gone. There was virtually no rubble on this building, except for a small remnant of the building.

    3. Building 5 – 9 stories – Had cylindrical holes in it, 24 feet wide, that went all the way to ground level. Once again, virtually no falling debris ended up on top of this building.

    4. Building 6 – 8 stories – Had the middle of it scooped out, all the way to ground level as well as 13 cylindrical holes, 24 feet in diameter on the edges and close to the scooped-out centre of the building and all these holes went down to ground level. The centre hole in this building had MINIMAL RUBBLE inside it, it was virtually EMPTY!

    5. Building 7 – 47 stories or 4 and a half Titanic’s’ stacked on top of one another – Was frothing away the whole day until just the outer skin of the building was left and at 5:20pm SILENTLY fell into its own footprint, it left the seismic reading of just 0.6 on the Richter scale, equal to just 2 stories hitting the ground.

    6. The Twin Towers – 16 Survivors (“9/11 surfer” included) – 110 stories, equal to 10 Titanic’s in weight, stacked on top of one another. The survivors heard no loud explosions, no flashes of bright light, no molten steel raining on them, they did not go blind or deaf due to light flashes or explosions, they weren’t hit by falling debris – POOF they are gone into a HUGE DUST cloud. The seismic readings were that of a 20 and 16 story building hitting the ground respectively – Why was it so low?

    7. Bankers Trust Building – (Across the street from the WTC complex) Was heavily damaged and rebuilt, just to be completely taken apart 5 years later due some lingering aftereffects affecting the structure of the steel in the building. Show me how a building that was not hit by a plane, had no office fires, because something affects the steel in the building?

    Why has the 9/11 truther movement been “distracting” from all these points and why would the main talking heads, Richard Gage and AE911Truth, only be focussing on WTC 7 for the last 8 years, ignoring everything I’ve pointed out and never discuss the lack of seismic reading for WTC 7 hitting the ground? If you believe the official government narrative that it is all due to some jet fuel and office fires, then you have some serious problems in your thinking.

    Has the 9/11 “truther” movement forgotten about ALL 7 WTC buildings that had massive anomalies that don’t fit the NIST Report and the “9/11 truth” movement’s THEORIES regarding “controlled demolition”, squib explosives, nukes, or mini nukes?

    Can’t the 9/11 “truther” movement count past 3?

    8 x Buildings were affected, why only focus on those three for the last 14 years?

    Why have they not intensely investigated the observable evidence that was left at the crime scene that was ground zero?

    the 9/11 “truther” movement keep on asking for an “independent forensic study” of WHAT happened at the WTC complex, when such an “independent forensic study” has been done and the EVIDENCE was submitted as high up as the Supreme court of America, via a Qui-Tam case against NIST and the subcontractors who wrote the NIST Report, for SCIENCE FRAUD, way back in 2009!

    If this court case was heard and not illegally dismissed by the judge, the governmental subcontractors with links to advanced weaponry, who were tasked with the secured clean-up operations at ground zero and tasked with helping to write the FRAUDULENT NIST Report, these companies would have been DEPOSED back in 2009 already!

    14 years of theories by the “9/11 truth” movement have been regurgitated to a point of exhaustion and it is currently turning into a waste of time, as they aren’t bringing anything new to the table.

    Why does the 9/11 “truther” movement censor anyone who brings this up and why is the 9/11 “truther” movement keeping mum about this 2009 Qui-Tam case?

    Are we not searching for truth about WHAT happened to those buildings with a WTC prefix?

    Time for the 9/11 “truther” movement to stop focussing on just 3 buildings, when indeed there was MAJOR anomalies with 8 BUILDINGS!

    Why aren’t you talking about the 9/11 orphans, Buildings 3, 4, 5 and 6?

    Why not discuss the anomalous Banker’s Trust building, that was repaired, just to be dismantled a few years later due to the integrity of the steel that was waning? What does that?

    I suggest anyone wanting to investigate the 9/11 orphans, to have a look for the documentary “9/11 Alchemy – Facing Reality” and decide for yourself what the agenda of the 9/11 “truther” movement and really is. Also look for the documentary series “9/11 The Essential guide” which you can also find on Odysee.

  4. Free-speech isn't really a right wing or left wing value. It's a value mostly of the powerless. The powerful don't need free-speech since they can impose their views on those with less power. They control the communication outlets. The powerless don't. Presently the right is without power and to a greater or lesser extent oppressed. Therefore they value free-speech minus a few exceptions. The left has power so it doesn't value free-speech. If the power roles were reversed so would the right would back away from free-speech and the left would increase its support for it.

  5. The left was never about free speech. The left was only for free speech for themselves at the time and they only supported the Constituion when it helped them directly. The change was not that some of the left became anti-free speech. The change was that more than a couple of individuals on the left became pro free speech.

  6. One of the tactics of revolutionaries, in this case marxism, is to probe for the pressure points in a society that evoke the most emotion. The emotion is the fuel these revolutions need to maintain the disruption. It used to be in socioeconomic disparities but occupy wall st showed them that no longer holds the same sway it used to so they moved onto race, identity politics and climate change. Its why seemingly out of nowhere, things that had never even been up for debate all of a sudden became part of the national conversation…lately, transgenderism and climate change are keeping them going. Who knows what will be next.

    Their whole goal is to confuse, disrupt and divide. Put simply, they attempt to change 2 + 2 = 4 into 2 + 2 now equals 5. Thats why they try to dismiss biology as a "social construct" and calling mathematics an example of western hemisphere white supremacy and racism.

  7. There is no proper "left wing" in the US. What you are stuck with is an out of control neoliberal cult of intersectionality, that is not even a coherent political ideology. You are stuck with a new modern religion promoted by the financial elites to divide and neutralize the working class.

  8. Free speech isn't free!
    Millions have died to protect your rights.
    The people who died in WW1 WW2 have been betrayed by their counties governments that sent them to their deaths. What's happening in the world today is what they fought and died to stop!

  9. Do you think these people have been the victims of brainwashing? Logic and critical thinking about human rights and freedoms is…..missing… if its been indoctrinated out of them. They must've been to the Doublespeak Training School.

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