Julian Assange’s Father Tells Glenn How He May Finally Go Free | SYSTEM UPDATE

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Written by Glenn Greenwald

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  1. I don’t fully understand the current legal situation, maybe someone can help explain it. He’s in a prison in the UK because the U.S. has requested his extradition to stand trial? Why has the UK not either extradited or released him yet, because he’s not charged with anything by the UK govt, right? I’m assuming he’s actively fighting the extradition in court if he’s still there, but why? It seems that both Glenn and his father are pretty confident that the charges wouldn’t hold up in a court bc they’re BS, and almost certainly wouldn’t stand up against an appeal on 1A grounds. At least challenging it in court would set a free speech precedent if he were to win, which it seems likely he would. Plus, Glenn and his father seem to agree that the US doesn’t actually even want to go forward with trying the case bc of the spectacle of prosecuting such an absurd case. So, why doesn’t Julian just give up on his fight against extradition and fight the charges directly in court? It seems that his father was alluding, somewhat subtly, that the US govt might try to kill him if he gets to US soil, but I would bet that if they wanted him dead, they could have accomplished that already, and could probably accomplish that from the UK prison. He could easily be “suicided” there. In any event, if the U.S. govt doesn’t even actually want to try him because of the spectacle of such an absurd persecution, then would they really want to bring him all the way to the US, only to have him killed while in their custody? That just doesn’t seem consistent with otherwise not wanting to have their bluff called on holding a trial, as both Glenn and Mr. Assange indicated here. So, basically I’m confused as to what Assange’s basic position or strategy has been for all this time in avoiding fighting the charges directly. Much thanks to anyone who can explain if I’ve missed something, thank you.

  2. I would think for any Australian politician standing for Assange, say goodbye to your future think tank job, organizational board seat or whatever secret golden handshake they have waiting. And get ready to be destroyed by the Murdoch media with whatever smear campaign they have ready cooked up if not an outright coup Julia Gillard style.

    I would guess a smear campaign framing Albanese as a Chinese stooge would be one idea on the brainstorm list for smear tactics if he stand up for Assange too nuch.

  3. I can only hope Julian finds the light at the end of this terrible experience. Now Glenn, the next time you have one of your right-wing fans like Gaetz or MTG on, ask them why they still worship at the altar of the man who actually put Julian in prison. I am NOT excusing Biden in his role, but start calling out all the bad actors for a change.

  4. If and when Julian is released, he will need full time security as the crooked US intelligence agencies (CIA, NSA, FBI, etc. ) are committed to killing him. Even Trump was intimidated into not pardoning him. Good on you Glenn for bringing this to the public.

  5. I'm getting old, I want to see Julian Assange free before I die. I want the criminal politicians and their lackeys punished for what they are doing to Julian, the British judiciary in particular. We all must shout out, kick up a fuss, create a rumpus that cannot be ignored. FREE JULIAN ASSANGE!

  6. We never hear or discuss what evidence has been provided for the case… If Julian only recieved the stolen data and released it after vetting the data is journalism … If Julian helped steal the data is an entirely different case … So whiich is it ?
    If its the latter then of course this deal should be made because more than enough "time served" has passed, he'll make well deserved millions on his books and interviews to come.

  7. The Idea of a plea deal makes me so upset, but if it can result in Julian Assange being free then so be it.
    It just feels so unfair for Julian to have to plea guilty to anything at all! After all those years of torture, after all those international laws, rules and conventions being bent and broken, he shouldn't have to confess to anything.

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