Justice FINALLY Coming For Yoel Roth & Vajiya Gadde! Elon Musk Twitter Files Finally Draws Action

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Written by TheQuartering

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  1. To me it seems like the whole world is just numb… They have stopped reacting to these massive corruptions and sell out of gov't integrity. The media/news is run by- and written by swine who doesn't mind rolling in the dirt with their overlords… again, people are so numb no one will line the streets to scream "the emperors has no clothes! …and they are sniffing your childrens hair".

  2. Most of these clueless and ideologically-led idiots probably don't even realise that they were helping to subvert the democracy they claim to believe in but don't actually follow when self-convenient, prosecution will be the only way that many of them might 'realise' their own dubious selves!

  3. Yes Jeremy, it is strange..
    It seems there is sudddenly a news blackout from the "Progressive" media?
    It IS … "quiet"?
    Instead I see mostly news from and about the Right. It's a little surreal.
    This is a surprising turn of events. Something happened behind the scenes. Then there's the airline issue…

  4. It’s everywhere. I quit structural engineering because I’m a straight whit male. Look up SE3 in relation to structural engineering. I can’t be more outraged. Want to talk radicalization? Do you know how long I worked for this caterer? Well to say I’m against it is an understatement. One of the tenants is equity. So now I hate women and black people, for the same reason. We encourage them to succeed while they don’t measure up. No matter how much help or training. So now I don’t like working women, and black people, but especially black women. Right, Rana Silver at UC berkeley?

  5. We are going to hear, "Fifth Amendment" spoken very, very, very much. As a matter of fact, that's all we will hear. NOTHING will happen until a Republican POTUS is in place.

    Oh. Yeah. There will never again be a Republican POTUS. It isn't who votes or counts the votes any more. It is who can harvest the most votes. This is neither a republic nor a democracy. It is oligarchy of the political parties. IOW, a modified monarchy. Neo-feudalism.

  6. Pff another hearing where they will lie, be caught lying and then, of course…. n o t h i n g will happen….
    Here in the UK they tried to get young offenders to mend their ways be giving them ASBO's (Anti Social Behaviour Order). Backfired, they started to collect them like Pokemon and used them as badges of honour amongst their peers.
    it's the same with these "hearings", the more they sit through, the more they rise in esteem amongst their corrupt peers. There will be NO consequences, as usual.

  7. Bro nothing is going to happen to theses Discustig people. We live in a two year scociaty Ruls for you and me and all the rest of the poor stupid and powerless people and another for people who are smart enough rich enough or ruthless and evil enough just get use to it we dont have much time left based on their behavior.

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