Justin Trudeau just took control of the internet (feat. Candice Malcolm)

The Liberal government’s controversial internet regulation bill, C-11, has become law with “independent” senators ultimately voting in favour of it yesterday. When it comes into effect, the CRTC will have control over what content social media companies and online streaming platforms show to users, though the regulations are still yet to be worked out. True North’s Andrew Lawton says the importance of this can’t be understated as C-11 signals the death of the open internet.

Also, True North founder and editor-in-chief Candice Malcom takes a break from her much-deserved maternity leave for a wide-ranging conversation about the changing tides of media and the future of True North.


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An original video production by True North Canada.

Written by True North

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  2. The liberal government is not like the Liberal government was years ago. They are running on different beliefs with very little education in their field. ….totally self entitled! They should all be ashamed of themselves… to sure how they talk to their kids about their acts or beliefs!….another generation of misinformed adults in the years to come!

  3. Boycott all sites that go along with tyranny of our 'progressive' governments. Be-crying the lack of representation by the morons Canadians have voted into the house of shame is not going to change anything. Keep them sitting comfortably there while they screw you and ramp up their control and bank accounts then expect more of the same. the only hope is that the provinces defund the fed. Two tiers of government is one tier too many.

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