Justin Trudeau’s Concerted Effort to Crush Descent – with Greg Wycliffe

After Trudeau set an unprecedented standard in Canada for how to engage with people protesting, creator and songwriter Greg Wycliffe was put in a position of possibly having his livelihood taken from him because of his form of content and his involvement in documenting the Freedom Convoy.

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  1. The great Canadian excuse is always you are conspiracy guy, followed by laughing and finger pointing. This is followed by ,oh it couldn't / wouldn't happen here your crazy, you have gone off the deep end. The government wouldn't do that. NEWS FLASH it already has wake up and get your head out of the sand. TURDeu is psycho he has ,and there is no climate emergency, yes the climate is warming as it should as we are coming out of an ice age, CO2 has a positive effect on the world

  2. Justin Trudeau, and those that worship the ground he slithers on, have zero idea of what they think they are pushing for. Most of his base are so self-absorbed and stupid they have no idea whats coming if they keep it up. It's not hard to see the governmental apple doesn't fall far from the tree, which is why smart people left Britain in the first place.

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