Kiev Rushes Reinforcements as Troops Face Bakhmut Encirclement, Russia Preparing Missile Strike

Kiev Rushes Reinforcements as Ukraine Troops Face Bakhmut Encirclement, Russia Preparing Massive Missile Strike
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  1. It's happening again. Next major blow to Russia. Information silence, Russian Propaganda diving in the vacuum, but in a few weeks we will see the major change on the map in favor of Ukraine. I am not going to discuss Russian micro victories with the delusional channel members. Just relax and see what happens. Slava UkraÏna!

  2. Still talking about Bakhmut… Russia's been trying to take that town for what, over 4 months or more now? XD this is hilarious that ''Great mighty Russia'' can't even take a pesky little town while they literally just hand Kherson over to the Ukrainians for free.

  3. It used to surprise me hearing the expression European Solidarity. Fact is Europe has economy-based country hierarchy and they have a lot of infighting in the club. Basically Europe is a Zoo, not garden as Borrel stated. Europe was the initiator of WW1, WW2 and living up to that track record. Even if WW3 is averted, Europe will likely become infested with terrorists (Ukraine foreign fighters, arms black market ). It wont matter for rest of world.

  4. Please give a correct story of the situation. The fall of bakmut is a bizarre costly body count on the Russian side. Alexander you always mention that the Russians care about the live of their soldiers. At the Bakhmut front this is a complete lie. There is so much footage of staggering piles of dead Russians in and around Bakhmut. One of my friends is fighting there for three months, I have contact with him. Now and then (please haters spare me your bs: that this is not true, I'm lying bla bla pffffff. I don't give a #€&@. You don't know me and you don't walked the path I have). He is still a life. The fighting is gruesome. And yes a lot of casualties on both sides. The Russians loses are horrific. I have seen footage of dozens and dozens dead Russians at 1 place in 1 fight. Yes the ukrainans send in reinforcements. The Russians also do but in a bigger scale. They send in bodies again and again. Lot of them are not good trained. Alexander please stop telling this nonsense that only Ukraine is in the meat grinder. The Russians are suffering heavy ase they are the attacking force. I was always a fan of your channel, but it seems that every new day you becoming more and more a propagandist of the Russia. Always the same mantra that ukrainan gains are small and by the cost of heavy loses. Russian gains you blow up as very impotent en in that case again the Ukrainians are the ones that suffer heavy. The Russians are smart and the Ukrainians are stupid and waste their people. You are a smart well educated man. What is the reason that your reports seems 2 be more and more let say in favor of the actions of the Russians? . Even when the ukrainans make massive gains in the past you said that that are smart moves of the Russians and the ukrainan gains are not important (….?). The attack on the bridge and the harbor where terrorist attacks you said and the massive rocket attacks on Ukrainian civil. Installations are not???? It seems that you hate the ukrainans and favor of the Russians. Don't come with the bs that that is not the cause. Just listen to the information you bring on your channel. Alexander if you want to see that Ukraine must be destroyed by the Russians Just say the word . Don't act as if you neutral and just covering the situation. I say : Stop this foolish war. It is al a waist of life on both sides. Ps you never mention the constant shelling of civilians in cherson.. This is not a war crime?

  5. What i remember, that Arestovich said in an interview, that if they had warned the population before the beginning of the bigger conflict (it is already going on since 2014), the mass, that would try to flee, could or would block major roads etc. for the army and because of that scenario, they said nothing (and what i for sure thing, to have civilians to use as shield). Amnesty International said/reported themself (but because the controlled media attackted them for that), they took it back (that much for the "non government organisations").

  6. I was curious about this Russian Air Base and Alexander's "huge air strike coming" long and elaborate discussion. A simple search on Google shows many different articles on the subject. Here are two headlines that are good examples of this story:

    DailyMail -"Imminent large-scale attack on Ukraine feared as dozens of nuclear-capable bombers amass amid unusually high activity at Russian air base." Of course, we all know what DailyMail is and how their reports are connected to reality = 0.

    TheDrive: -"Surge In Russian Bombers At Air Base Not As Unusual As Reports Claim." and a closing comment of the article: "All told, there very much remains a possibility that the Russians could be planning to launch a new round of major missile strikes against Ukraine in the near future, but the total number of bombers, or other aircraft, at Engels Air Base does not appear to reflect any unusually significant surge in activity there." TheDrive is by no-means pro-Russia publication.

    My question to Alexander is: What is the value of your long, elaborate story about this air base and "predictions" of huge air strike coming from this air base? What are you really selling here?

  7. Only evil people can send their young men to die for profit, I believe that Hell was created for theses very people, The soldiers who volunteered they choose, but those who was made to go, those are the men my heart breaks for, Zelensky should be on the front line next to Biden, and all those who wanted this war.

  8. Well, regardless of what number or type of weapons the West sends to Ukraine, Russia can and will likely escalate on that. The only effect it will have is to prolong the suffering of the poor unfortunate people of Ukraine. There is only one reasonable way to stop this conflict and that is to TALK to Russia and China and make the best possible deal for all sides. That might just avoid the otherwise inevitable total catastrophe.

  9. The kiev government is guilty and responsible for everything that is happening now thanks to us and eu who wanted Russia to come to the rescue of the Russian speaking population of ukraine. All they had to do is enforce the Minsk agreements and respect all populations, languages, cultures and religions within respect of the nation that Was Ukraine.
    Shame on us and eu. I hope it’s soon the end of nato and us impérialisme. I feel deeply for the innocent people dying.

  10. f16 could be delivered quite fast and so could abrams tanks. 3000 abrams in storage are those that usa doesnt need so those could be send easily. but those tanks do need a lot of fuel… so how much of them can ukraine support is a question.
    countries say they train ukraine troops but nobody say in what roles. so who knows if they dont train them on western tanks and aircraft. nobody said anything about western helicopters… will that be next thing that is send to ukraine?

  11. In any investigation, it's always prudent to ask "who benefits?" Certainly, not the US or EU or Ukraine, or Russia, all of which suffer losses and misery. As usual, the only beneficiaries in the Ukraine war are weapons-makers and sellers.
    I saw that the Pentagon awarded a 1.5B$ contract to Raytheon to develop and build a new portable missile system especially for Ukraine. They announce it will be ready in 2025!!
    2025? Are they crazy? This war is almost over . . . . (I don't know how to send telegram)

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They’re ALL in on THIS!!