Klaus Schwab Urges World Leaders To Grant WEF Full Governmental Control Over Nations

Klaus Schwab Urges World Leaders To Grant WEF Full Governmental Control Over

World Economic Forum Chairman Klaus Schwab has urged governments to grant the WEF ‘full governmental control’ over their nations as part of the Great Reset agenda for humanity. During his speech, Schwab outlined his plans for the merging of state and corporate power. Speaking at the summit, Schwab ordered government leaders to cooperate with the WEF or face losing power and influence in the new globalist landscape.

Schwab boasted that under his system, corporate elites will craft policies for sovereign countries to ensure that innovation becomes the “key competitive factor. He continued by claiming that, with the fusion of the WEF and state, we would see a shift from “the era of capitalism to the era of talentism

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  1. Instead of “Talentism” what Schwab really means is “Totalitarianism”!
    He wants to be the ruler of the world & continue where his old friend Hitler left off.
    If we can’t stop him now then they will destroy every freedom loving person for their NWO Globalist Agenda where they decide who is “useless eaters” & who gets to live & where!

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