Labor and the Greens want to control what you say

The Albanese Labor Government’s proposed censorship law, the Communications Legislation Amendment (Combating Misinformation and Disinformation) Bill 2023, will have a chilling effect on free speech in Australia.

A government which seeks to control what its citizens can say and where they can say it is deliberately undermining the freedom of speech on which our democracy depends.

Tuesday, 15 November 2023

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  1. Thank you Senator. I will never bow to this Marxist dystopia. It's 1984 on steroids, A man who says he is a woman may think that he is one, and feel like one, but no amount of doublespeak, fake breasts and wigs and lipstick will ever convince me to agree. God made Adam and Eve. As for the "BIPHOBIA", why in any way validate immoral degeneracy and profligacy?

  2. Very thankful for your presence, clarity and common sense approach to your work Senator. Please keep up the effort, you are a TRUE representation of the voice of Australians. Grateful and appreciative of representatives like you. You reinvest faith in a system that seemingly presents disfunction.

  3. The last thing we did to copy the CCP was to institute lockdowns, and that was an unmitigated disaster. Why would you look to anything that communist regime does with admiration? And least of all the stringent control of media, the Internet and human rights which only seems to make more heinous crimes, such as genocide, possible?

  4. Thank you Senator Chandler for speaking the truth for us. Preferential voting system has to be abolished, and the smaller parties should not be allowed to give their votes to the major parties, because it is not demo
    cratic, A BIG NO TO CENSORSHIP AND MUZZLING our right to free speech.

  5. No you can say what you like it just has to be the Truth! Why are you worried about that? Why do you want to retain the right to LIE to the Australian people? You can say what you like but if you deliberately LIE knowing your Lieing keeps you to account and stops you from knowingly manipulating the people. Which is quite the opposite of your self serving speech.

  6. Best if everyone boycotts social media and go back to the time before social media.. they just want to control every aspect of our lives and to me that's a step to far for our freedoms….. communism is slowly being trickled into goverments and you can call it a type of facisium….. mad times indeed…. world agender at play all over the world.

  7. 33% a Wins a win on the way to tolitariaism via this new Bill ,I've served with my mates our lives WHERE on the line some didn't make it for What these pretenders to take away our our country's freedom of speech through a nefarious proposed misinformation legislation Bill? How LOW can you go? l thought this was AUSTRALIA ,The aforementioned a rotten Divisive undemocratic opportunistist bridge too far , Fair minded Aussie's wont cop the aforementioned under any circumstances.

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