Lawfare Rules: The Grayzone Friday Live 3/31/23

The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal and Aaron Mate return for another Friday Live to discuss efforts to prosecute Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, Aaron’s latest takedown of the OPCW’s Douma cover-up, and much more.

Written by The Grayzone

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  1. America is funny: it is legal for everybody to go to Streep Clubs except for politicians; my point is: the corrupt ones are supposed to choose the morally correct ones. I don’t like Trump but this is political and should stop this dirty trick from the fucking Deep State, a monster we the American people have allowed to grow and act with impunity

  2. The Grayzone inhabits the ethereal, diaphanous nether zone of actual facts and evidence entirely repudiated by high salaried msm pundits whose job is not to report the news but some facsimile thereof with a passing resemblance to it. They get dates, places and actors mainly right but seem ignorant of the events that actually took place on those dates in those places with the people named. Keep up the great work intrepid reporters. HL Mencken is watching.

  3. Beautiful representation of the truth by Aaron, so grateful for courageous journalists like these guys. Deserves all the awards.

    Max is def the more cynical one though (how did Stormy cross Trumps path) which I like and Aaron seems to take things more at face value at times. Max was also more cynical reg Covid.

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