Legacy Media Belatedly Supports Releasing Julian Assange

Now they expect a pat on the head:

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  1. I will support him once he goes back to defending free speech and free expression to include offensive pictures of all varieties. Until then, he seems to agree that some speech should be severely punished and oppressed. He should be treated like that if that's what he supports.

  2. These are the same people asking for "Covid Amnesty" and pretending that they aren't fascist/authoritarian nightmares. I hate partisan politics, but the cultural left has memory of a goldfish and the moral consistency of an alley cat. Assange should have never been jailed, the politicians and oligarchs he exposed should be tried and charged for treason.

  3. 1) Being in possession of classified material IS a crime
    2) Publishing information which for example allowed the Taliban to identify and eliminate sources with themselves did cause harm
    3) Publishing video footage which was used by ISIS in recruiting ads increased violence and caused harm

    As a vet who knew people who died because of his leaks, absolutely, let the man rot.

  4. When you offer support last it's a pathetic gesture; it would be less shameful for these lamestream media propagandists to never offer their fake support to Julian Assange but i guess if you lie for a living for the lamestream media, shame isn't something you would really care about!!

  5. Yeah, at 60 plus, with a stroke put in solitary confinement. He's suffered punishment worse than death. Mercy would be to give the man a pistol and let him decide if he wants hell on earth or eternity. God Bless and Keep Julian, who has found no justice in this world. Trump could have called an end to this, proving he's not the perfect politicians some believe, and yes I a supporter.

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