Legacy Media Labels 15 Minute Cities a “Conspiracy Theory”

But the concept is literally promoted by some leftoids. It’s based on the commie bloc concept:

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  1. Water vapor is a GHG as effective as CO2 according to GHG Theory. It is the #1 Greenhouse gas. It does 3/4s of the heating according to GHG Theory. If you can believe the theory.
    If the theory is correct water vapor alone will destroy the planet. There is on average 50 times as much water vapor in the atmosphere as CO2.

  2. Reasons behind commie blocks are more complex, than that.

    And most approved not cause of quality, but cause aviability to regular people. IN the end, it prooved to be just as bad, even worse, than w/o it (since queue to those appartements became, unironically, 20 years long), but in beginning, it allowed to quickly place a LOT of people into livable conditions, wafter what war destroyed.

  3. interesting, the replicator tech I am working on will completely destroy the whole concept of scarcity real or artificial, guess the WEF will be quite concerned about such a thing, though by the time they catch up to what I am doing, we will have groups of individuals out doing the efforts of spaceX NASA and every other space related org combined lol.

  4. Remind your city councillors that they’re NOT one of the elite. They’ll be trapped in these ghettos right along with us and if they want a preview of their fate they should see what happens to former law enforcement when they’re housed in general population.

  5. This IS HAPPENING IN THE UK!! Oxford is the trial city and other local authorities are signing up for it. Oxford residents are already protesting. They are calling it 15min Zones. They are saying it's not due to climate change but traffic volume. The city will be divided into zones and you will be given an allowance per year (100 times) that you can enter another zone and you will be fined if you exceed that unless you pay for permission from your local authority! This is real! Number plate recognition cameras will be erected on the borders of each zone. The Oxford council had to make a press statement due to the outcry and started off by saying, 'we will go ahead with it whether people agree or not.' Well I'm sure that calmed the situation!

  6. In Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, they had the city planner come out and address the protestors about the "15 minute city" planning. There is footage of this available online on many places; the city planner admitted they are infact planning to enact 15 minute city here. He denies there is any discussion of fines for leaving your zone, but we've seen the already active 15 minute cities in the UK and they're fining people so…. there's no reason to believe it won't happen here.
    They have plans for it in many places in Canada; they're pushing for it and calling this "propaganda" is an outright insult to any of us with more than two brain cells to rub together and an awareness of reality.

  7. I don't know why they have to call it conspiracy theory, knowing that ppl want to be jailed while saying that you're crazy. This is the same people that believe that the shiny box told them that the lab leak wasn't true, it's was a conspiracy and now years later the shiny box told them that yeah, there was a leak. Now that these same people took the gummy worm juice, they are stuck. Now it's the same crap again. That the shiny box tell them that these 15-min cities, communist blocks, the pods are a conspiracy theory, it's not true….they are believing it AGAIN. I don't feel depression, but more of a /shrug. How can I fault the govts of the world if they are seeing that this is what people truly wanted, the majority of them I mean.

  8. I personally like the idea of mixed used buildings and walkable cities where everything you need is 15 min away. Japan and Western Europe comes to mind. The only problem is that I don't trust the government implementing that here in the US. We'll definitely end up with Soviet style neighborhoods

  9. My concern about the "fifteen-minute city" idea is that such a plan inherently means market competition on a store-by-store basis is effectively dead. Right now, as I type this, I am a block away from a Safeway, five minutes away from a Wal-Mart that is directly next to an Aldi's, and seven minutes away from a Giant. I would have it no different; the proximity to each other spurs an inherent desire for companies to compete against each other in price and quality for residents looking to buy groceries.

    A fifteen-minute city is not going to see any use for any more than one corner store in an area. Indeed, it will literally not have space to accommodate more, for in addition to that, it also needs to fit in a furniture store, a government office, a water treatment facility, a bike repair shop, a dentist, an optometrist, a medical office, a barber store, a plumber repair store, an electrician repair store, a phone store, a computer store, an electronic repair store, and probably a gross of other enterprises for the average person, all within fifteen-minute walking distance. Anything less would show the glaring shortcomings of a planned economy, which this inherently is on a macro level. Doing so, however, effectively means everyone who is in that fifteen-minute city is beholden to the one store they have, and that means each effectively has a complete monopoly over the city block they're part of. You want specialty cheeses from Trader Joe's or Wegman's or Whole Foods? Tough shit, you have a Food Lion, make do, all the other shops are three hours away.

    Oh, you want to use a car? Those icky pollution machines for Neanderthals and losers our entire lovely project was designed to discourage? Well, fine, but we're going to charge you through the nose for a parking space, tax you for having a gas vehicle, toll you for leaving the area for business, and sur-charge you for gas, and we're going to do it regularly. (Don't tell me it wouldn't happen. Look at what's happening to California now in the name of their progressivism, you think those gas prices are just market forces at work?)

    I'm not impressed. Not Just Bikes wants to live like a European or a Canadian, he can fuck off over there. I enjoy the mobility of a car and the choices it allows therein, and I'd be worse in all ways for not having them.

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