Liberal ministers joked about sending in tanks to break up Convoy

Documents published by the Public Order Emergency Commission show cabinet ministers Marco Mendicino and David Lametti talking about sending in Canadian Armed Forces tanks to deal with the Freedom Convoy – though Lametti said this was just “banter” between friends.

True North’s Andrew Lawton said the ‘just kidding’ defense doesn’t pass muster when the government ended up using wartime powers to deal with the protest.

Also, the Liberals are trying to expand their gun ban to include all semi-automatic guns. Rod Giltaca from the Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights joins the show live to discuss why this will do nothing but criminalize law-abiding gun owners.

Written by True North

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  1. The FACT they can hide their crimes behind privilege, cabnet confidentiality, ETC., This shit has to STOP, now we have Trudeau hiding Chinese Police department's, Chinese political interference, NS political interference, , disarming Canadians ignoring the Criminals, and like I said, they HIDE THEIR CRIMES and they have no idea what TRUTH is anymore,💯🐂💯🤬🤬🤬💯⚖️⚖️⚖️💯

  2. Mr. Lawton , thank you so much for bringing up the tanks . I was "Crushed" when I witnessed The Attorney General's Statement . He said It was just a joke . So let me understand this The highest Law Office in the land felt that this "Threat" was on equal , than individual using Violent Rhetoric , which is wrong . Here is the Attorney General threating to use deadly military force . In his office , he does not have that Luxury . That is why he is in the office. Well , my fellow Canadians , as ex-military , I say , I understand that kind of violence all to well . I also say he is unfit for that office . The Legal , and Latin term that applies here , in general is " Mens Rea" which means "Mental Intent" this person is unfit for office. period

  3. Yes, the people who had the "option to move elsewhere and protest legally" didn't because they'd been doing that and much more for 2 years and no one was listening, Lametti! Thick as brick. We all know who the real Attorney General is anyway. Fired for doing her job and not letting the SNC mafia off the hook. Replaced by none other than Lametti. Vile. It's better for Wilson-Raybould anyhow that she not be associated with the current regime, except to be exemplified as an ideal Attorney General who insisted at upholding the rule of law, even if it meant her job. Can you imagine if the thugs in power now had an ounce of her integrity? Freeland should have taken notes instead of falling over Soros and Schwab. Ugh! I'd make a Jody Wilson-Raybould factory if I could…but I digress.

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