LibsOfTikTok (Chaya Raichik) Tucker Carlson Interview Causes Liberal Meltdown

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Lauren Chen is a political and social commentator. She was born in Canada, raised in Hong Kong, and came to the US for university. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with a Minor in Middle East Studies and Arabic.

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Written by Lauren Chen

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  1. The people that are running LGBTQ are the same people that are now control Gaming, Comics etc (And they are trying to control a lot more) And don't forger, NEVER forget, that this wasn't possible without the help of big corporations, state funding and the education system. That AND the quotas nobody but THEM asked for in every industry. Quotas are nothing more that: "You need X amount of people from the party keeping an eye on your business"

    Sad Puppies in Writing? Far Right! GamerGate? Far Right! Comics chaos? Far Right! Manga and Anime chaos? Far Right! Dungeons and Dragons chaos? Far Right! Every time they try to take over a profitable industry, and the customers resist them, it's Far Right! It always starts with the activists creeping in into hobby groups and gamekeeping an industry. So now, you're a fan, you have to go through them. They get the test you on their moral values, but not about the thing you're a fan of. They indoctrinate you, especially if you're young. And the conservatives get to blame an industry for what these new gatekeepers did.

  2. I'm not a conservative or republican, more centrist.. but I've gotten into debates with both sides. Most Republicans will say "that's your opinion and I don't agree, but I respect it" most Liberals pretty much will call you an evil Nazi if you don't believe exactly the same as them.

  3. It's funny if you are Jewish and conservative you get called a Nazi, if you are a liberal and don't practice your Jewish roots you can call for bomb threats and call anyone a nazi who questions you. If you are not liberal or conservative and say messed up shit about jewish people you lose your money. If you are liberal and say fucked up shit about jewish people you get a oh they were just kidding.

  4. Libs of TikTok is amazing, showing the world the insanty of the left. The downside is many older generation people refuse to believe the things she exposes are actually happening. The left has gone insane and the regular people do not support the lefts' crazines but the regular older people do not believe this is happening, its sad that they refuse to acknowledge this is happening.

  5. Maybe it’s just my YouTube app being stupid, but it appears that the audio in this video didn’t sync properly. I tried exiting the app and reopening the video, but it’s still messed up. Doesn’t take away from the importance of the message you have here, Lauren! Your content is great!

    Speaking of the message, Libs of TikTok has found Waldo hidden in plain sight. All of these leftist platforms have made it easy for gender questioning children and teenagers to find the cultist content and absorb it. Parents really needed Libs of TikTok. Had this woman not dug up this stuff, parents would probably be in the dark and, by the time they found out about their children’s desire to transition, it would be too late to reverse course. She may never truly know how many she saved, but she has probably saved many children from going too far down the rabbit hole. These deranged liberals can’t cry foul when all she does is repost their nutty content to a conservative audience. It’s great that she is proud to say that Taylor Lorenz is an evil person! She really is!

    Thank you for posting your thoughts on this! I hope the audio issue is just on my end, but, if not, hopefully you can fix it soon!

  6. 1) They hate being exposed because they carry guilt in their immoral actions that they know deep down that they are wrong.
    2) They are sterile and diseased(homosexuality is an abominability of depravity) with all that mass of confusion and diseases that they carry and spread, they don't have clarity, they do biological warfare and try to molest and infect the kids.
    3) They dislike people that reveal them because it blocks their pathways to establish a compulsive construct of thievery of intellectual property and a hybrid of extremistic tyranic chaotic establishments of greed and lust.
    4) It is better to arrest and jail them for preading terroristic propaganda, gangstalking gaslighting and even possibly withcraft attacks, they stink of pestilence.
    5) Remember that they are confused pawns that can be sacrificed in their desperation by their puppet masters in order to create distraction or to incriminate capable people.
    6) Let them starve!

  7. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that you didn't show the parts of the interview the left is ACTUALLY freaking out about. You know, when she broadly called the LGBTQ community a cult, then went on to specify that "they" are evil. Geeee, I wonder why you didn't show these bits, eh? Maybe because you're "all in" for this f*cking idiot and are protecting her. Good job, Lauren. You should be embarrassed.

  8. Both you and Chaya literally sound EXACTLY the same as the leftists… "Those people are just evil". That's such an immature and intellectually lazy conclusion that I basically have no interest in watching more of your videos. I think many of them are truly convinced that they are doing the right thing and have good intentions. Unfortunately their good intentions spawn tons of unintentional consequences. And their belief, same as yours, that they are fighting evil allows them to justify their bad behavior. It gives them an excuse because the ends justify the means. It's sad to watch you, someone who seems like a decent critical thinker, just get on board with demonizing the other side. It is the reason the country is so polarized.

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