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Life Lessons From A Death!

My thoughts on the first anniversary of Gill’s death, and what I have learnt.

We have succeeded in rising the awareness of the risks from asbestos exposure, despite the clear wish from politicians to ignore the issue, thanks to Asbestos Awareness Australia.

The estate administration continues thanks to so many poor processes across Australian institutions from banks through to the ATO.

And as I come to terms with the life changing event, I now consider the future and what I plan to achieve.

Oh, and my two canine friends are a big part of the picture too.

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  1. 25 years ago I worked in building and as I was demolishing school class rooms at a school there was so much asbestos and the super visor gave Me a paper type mask and he said it is only white asbestos so not as bad as the blue but I couls see millions of particles in the air as when the sun shon through the window and I said nothing and no records were documented even though it would be known a school that age would have had a lot of asbestos so what can I do to have My case noted and claim against the company in some way as I was a dedicated Guy doing My work and the builder as nice as he was turned out to be a typical asshole.
    It is not fare that anyone should experience the danger of this and Great You have done something about it.Thank's.

  2. Thankyou Martin, you are a brilliant man. You've endured more than most & continue to impress with as much insight as possible. May Jill's beautiful soul/spirit continue on through your work/journey/life till you meet once again. A beautiful symphony…life's trials & triviality. Keep up the good fight mate, I'm in your corner. ✊

  3. Like you Martin, I lost my Wife Sandra last year on the 13th of November. It has been a year of life changes and dealing with many unexpected difficulties, many caused by Government. I am only just beginning to see a path ahead in life for me and our own 2 X 4's…..Cheers Merry Christmas 🎄🎅

  4. Man that fucking sucks, I lost my best friend a few years ago at the age of 25 and my last grandparent a few days ago. Luckily he made it to my wedding still in good condition a few months ago but I couldn't begin to imagine losing my wife like that.

    My mother is a palliative care nurse and the harm of Asbestos and even silica is still under appreciated, she remembers looking after a terminal 36 year old tradie dying from silicosis. As someone who's worked in high risk environments my go to saying is: safety regulations are written in blood.

    What the asbestos industry got away with is on the same level as war crimes in my view.

    I'm deeply sorry for your loss Martin. Thank you for holding your convictions.

  5. Thank you Martin, Sorry to hear about Jill.
    Please be aware that building regulations have changed dramatically. Asbestos contained fibro was banned 20 years ago in most states in Australia. We live in a house built in 2000 with lots of fibro but none made with asbestos. It's not the same product and very safe. It is a worry only with old age homes pre 2000.

  6. Martin I so truly find you deeply inspirational. I am so so sorry for your loss. Sending you all my thoughts for your well-being. May you be smothered with love and light. I can’t thank you enough for all your guidance throughout 2022. I may have made some unwise decisions had it not been for you. I am so grateful. Your two dogs are completely adorable. May 2023 bring continued love, warmth and support. My very best wishes. Colin

  7. Kind thoughts to you from someone grateful for your valued opinions and analysis of tomorrow's unfolding mess. Sadly my life has paralleled yours too this past year with loss to covid. Sorting through decades of shared life, contemplating moving, and caring for an ageing canine…..I hear you.
    I've been flat out keeping up with your posts, let alone putting them together as you have. Your hard work is appreciated Martin. Thank you for informing all of we ordinary Australians. God bless 🤗

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