LILLEY UNLEASHED: Liberals discussed using tanks to clear Freedom Convoy protest

Sun political columnist Brian Lilley talks about how the Emergencies Act inquiry showed that Trudeau’s Liberal cabinet ministers David Lametti and Marco Mendicino talked about using tanks to clear Freedom Convoy in Ottawa.

Written by Toronto Sun

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  1. the freedom convoy showed the world what politicians in canada actually think of our country and its people…its not a pretty picture…for all of you that voted ndp or liberal i hope this has opened your eyes a little…never in my life did i ever think canada would become a dick -tater ship….we are losing our freedom little by little every fukkkking day…we have to stand up against tyranny in our great country….the liberal party with the help of jughead singh is the yoke we canadians have to wear…

  2. You thought What?? If Justin Castro had come out of his hiding place. And spoke to the crowds this would have went better everyone is aloud to protest just not the working man. You sir should be ashamed of yourself. The protest should be allowed until. The Castro Government answers some questions . Watching from Ottawa

  3. Canada is no longer a free country
    We live in a fascist technocratic state where government using private companies (Mainstream Media) to push false narratives so the government can use those lies to take away our rights
    This is NOT a free country
    We with Justin Trudeau are going down the path of a totalitarian society where government wants to control EVERY aspect of our lives
    This is what the World Economic Form wants for all of us
    Trudeau should be in jail for treason as he is working for a foreign entity (the WEF) to destroy freedom, the basic fabric of Canadian society along with our economy to bring about Klaus Schwab's forth economic revolution
    This is TREASON

  4. Let me get this straight. 2 ministers of our government, filing two of the most important roles, casually exchanging options to use a tank(s) to clear a protest. This casual exchange and flippant attitude should demonstrate exactly how the LPC view Canadians that do not align with their political dogma. I think it is VERY safe to assume Lameti and Mendicino could not foresee that what was being exchanged (via text) would be exposed to the public, therefore should serve to demonstrate actually honest feelings. It is good to know how much contempt the LPC / left writ large have for their fellow Canadians – I would not have expected this in this country. I disagree therefore I should be cleared with a tank. Tiananmen Square visions running through my head. These men should be ashamed of themselves as they set the tempo for expectations in their respective departments. If the minister cannot be expected to act seriously how can he / she demand the same from their staffs? The answer is they cannot as they have sold their integrity. Leadership is a full time business and it takes special kinds of people to lead, inspire, and set the example. Many have these skills, just not in the PM's cabinet. I have lost total respect for Trudeau, his ministers and this government. Worst I have seen in my over 1/2 century of life.

  5. This is amazing journalism Mr. Lilley and thank you so much on behalf of the Fringe Minority. Would it be possible for you to discreetly focus your keen sights on the state owned propaganda machine? You will undoubtedly leave no stone unturned and have our complete and well earned trust you devoted Freedom Fighter. When the tanks arrive where will you be?

  6. Hi Brian I listened to some of our Emergency Act testimony. Military intervention with our tanks is unnecessary in the light of the peaceful protest by the Freedom Convoy. My understanding is the there was no credible threat and a threshold to consider military intervention with tanks from our Canadian Armed Forces but peaceful negotiations with our Truckers to end the mandates was the Freedom Convoy objective to preserve and protect their livelihoods.

  7. Trudeau loves China, and it’s forceful brutality, including tanks. He obviously passes that sentiment to the ministers. All of them have to go. Imagine if that happened and the CAF agreed to use tanks? Then Imagine if one of your friends, neighbours, family members who were peacefully protesting were injured or killed because of these men’s evil intentions? It could still be a reality if they are left in power. Canadians need to stand up to this dictatorship.

  8. It obvious that this is all cover you ass speak. It probably never dawned on them that they would ever have to testify about these texts and email. They are to smug and self rightous. The law? Ah never mind, we will jst make it up as we go along. The EA, Dont worrry we will make it fit.. Why because we are liberals and have the NDP in out pocket and can do anything we want. I an going to Guess that Stephen Harper is looking like a saint now compared to Trudeau.

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