LILLEY UNLEASHED: The allegations against the Trudeau government just don’t stop

The Sun’s political columnists Brian Lilley and Warren Kinsella say Justin Trudeau is trying to skirt what he and his staff knew about election interference but the allegations just don’t stop.

Written by Toronto Sun

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  1. This good-for-nothing, pathological lying, self-serving, Communist Woke loving hypocrite needs to be thrown out of Ottawa and Canada if he's found to be guilty of (a)
    being little better than a Communist Boy-Toy for the CCP and SHE. (b), Next, once again he and his party need to be investigated for politically organized attempts to destroy the very fabric of both Canadian Society and the Morally – Ethical under-pinning s of said society by furthering the attempts by the Woke's to cause genital mutilations of both men and women and the young boy's and girl's of Canadian society and if he and any or all of his Party faithful should be held in Jail until a
    Federal Hearing could be conducted to determine Justin Jr's legal and moral culpability when dealing with young children. If he or any of his friends Minister, be found guilty of such they should be legally examined and if found guilty of either charge, and this goes for ALL parties and ALL members, and if found guilty publicly executed. The End.

  2. Its amazing what se are living thru!
    In the past any one of the 20 or so conflicts of interest, violation of ethics, smug disregard for intelligence would've got this politiacian tossed… still amazes me how this guys in government, and how the last election people "forgot" about all his repulsive tendancies.
    Son of a bitch belongs in jail!

  3. Would other counties in ontario join to cede from the ontario government and make ontario gtaless ,make gta are it's own province and make the rest of ontario true ontsrio not influenced by Toronto and the chronnies in Ottawa, we voted blue over 80 percent this isn't a democracy anymore it's a communist government, ontario is democratic or atleast it used to be .

  4. How much you wanna bet that Justin Trudeau will somehow manage to weasel his way out of this latest scandal, just like all the other scandals? How much you wanna bet that, although most Canadians either wish to see Justin Trudeau imprisoned (or assassinated), he'll somehow manage to win the next federal election and continue with his agenda to rapidly transform Canada into becoming a totalitarian nation with himself being firmly ensconced as 'leader-for-life'? Do you now understand why Justin Trudeau has an admiration for China's 'basic dictatorship' and how this has been his plan all along for Canada? Trudeau has no intention of ever relinquishing power over Canada, it will need to be forcefully taken away from him.

  5. If PM is in 'violation of the law' by judging himself, then why hasn't he been arrested? Who else would get away with this? Sick of it all … come on Conservatives! Step up to the plate! Serve Canadians by getting justice for us all …

  6. Hasn't the time for talking and complaining about this government over?
    If not for Jagmeet, Canada would have a new government by now. The NDP has allowed an incompetent, corrupt government to remain in office.
    I believe Jagmeet is not a patriotic Canadian. I question his loyalty to Canada.

  7. Trudeau needs to go and wish the liberal cabinet members were smart enough to see they don't need the drama of Trudeau and get there own life disrupted because of him be hated because of him where is there pride for truth and love of there fellow man time to let go of your babysitter he needs to leave

  8. In his tiny, narcissistic mind TURDeau never does anything wrong because it is him that is doing it. Laws and ethics don't apply to him (in his mind).
    If the NDP would step up to the plate and support the Conservatives, they could be heroes and do the right thing for Canada in helping rid ourselves of this destructive and divisive PM.

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