Louden County COVER-UP! School Board HID Transgender Bathroom CRIMES


A Louden County grand jury releases a massive report about a major cover-up involving a transgender student and allegations of assault taking place in high school bathrooms across Virginia. Scott Ziegler, the school superintendent was fired and we remember Scott Smith’s arrest for speaking up on behalf of his daughter.

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  1. The schools and the LCSO all need to be charged as accomplices in rape and covering up the crimes and labeled as sex offenders along this the "transgender" POS at a MINIMUM! Honestly they should get the death penalty! They are mentally abusing children and, in my opinion, raping children! Grooming is rape! Maybe not physical abut it is mental rape of innocent children who can't defend themselves from these demons!

  2. wake up Americans……. Your legal system was already fuc^&% , and now you have fuc$#@ up people who maybe will get away for Fuc(^% up your kids because they think this was the best solution to protect someone who did not deserve all this protection, "It" reaped already girls at the other school and inserted again into the community. this is not a small miss judgment this is plain neglect and incompetence, those "people" should not even get close to your children. And all teachers in the school who had noticed this ordeal and did not speak up,. should be removed also from the school because they are not incapable to teach your children because they lack good judgment. Looks like the law is so much fucked up in the USA that you can not open your mouth is something is morally wrong and there is no conscience.

  3. Its so telling how these people think. First they dont beleieve the girl because the other student is trans, then once they realize this is a pattern of assaults they start referring to this trans person as a boy.

    They are sick. Fucked up individuals who are more concerned that their social agenda be protected than the well being of the students under their care. They are so married to their cause that the only way this could have happened is if someone was a liar.

  4. Sounds like these people at Both schools are responcible both, for the assault and rape on both students; and for ALL the emotional trauma both families have to suffer through. The entire school system and EVERYONE on the school board need to be sued vigorously, they with their policies and their continued lies and cover up from one school to another were ENABLERS to this disscusting pervert who did this. And the rapist family? Have we heard from them? Was school policies the big push for this student rapist to progress from a supposedly normal person to a transgender to a rapist? This type of perversion beggs the question: who is responcible from the beggining? If watching porn can be held responcible for taking people from the start down deeper and deeper to disscusting behavioral levels, acting out what they watch; as many have argued in courts. Are the permissable transgender policies and the schools telling these younge students not only is gay and transgender sex normal and ok,but rape also?

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