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Low Distressed Sale Counts Do Not Prove The Property Market Is Fine!

We look at the question of distressed listings and sales, which appear to be quite low at the moment. Some therefore argue that things in the property market are just fine.

However, apart from the question of how distressed sales are defined and identified, the truth is that some households are being given the option to sell as a normal not distressed sale. This is better for the bank, and potentially might be something which given enough equity in the property is worth considering. But it is really important to get the right independent advice first!

Bottom line is low distressed sale counts are not a signal of a buoyant market.

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Caveat Emptor! Note: this is NOT financial or property advice!!


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  1. Vendors and real estate agents still see the phenomenon before us as a blip in the otherwise smooth 'equity mate road.' They think things will be fine and dandy again in a few months when they will be able to achieve peak 2021 prices once again. If this delusion helps them sleep at night, good luck to them.

  2. Many may be paying off mortgage with other multiple credit sources… kite-flying… and putting purchases on afterpays and the like, with so many credit types available… may be borrowing off friends/family but never able to repay… thereby snowballing debt and creating an eventual massive avalanche as all the debt accumulations, combine and align…

  3. Was wondering when a post like this was going to surface from you Martin. I have seen the mainstream news (Including and especially the ABC) heavily lean on this distress sales number and state everything is fine… It was total deception and I was appalled they would report such optimistic propaganda based on hand-picked metrics. (Here is a metric out of hundreds that is not negative. Just report that one. Story done.) This is sentiment abuse. Yes sentiment has a lot to do with the direction the market eventually goes, but the current reporting I would consider deception.

  4. The sale of property owned by persons in financial difficulties would be a very closely guarded commercial secret. It was only through a very long chain did We discover that the property we wanted to buy was an urgent sale due to bad health. We then pushed very hard and gained a greatly lower price….. Every lender and realestate agent would go to great effort to hide Distressed sales

  5. Where i live ( HELL ) RE is selling, fastish, people eating out, coffee shops busy etc. It resembles the boom times right before the kaboom Bust. What Con in history Ever gives the heads up to the majority of participants? Many as possible must be swept up in euphoria so they will stay long after the partys actually over. The Bag Holders.
    Many Tea Leaves were used in this fortune telling story šŸ¤£šŸ¤£šŸŒšŸŒš

  6. DIY Equity Release enables a homeowner to sell a ā€˜tenant in commonā€™ (TIC) percentage share of their home to one or more investors in return for a lump sum or, the Vendor (the homeowner) of the TIC share can set up a Vendor Loan and be the Mortgagee (lender) and receive regular monthly loan payments.

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