MAiD in Canada has clearly gone off the rails

Another story of a military veteran being offered assisted death instead of receiving assistance is making international headlines. This week, news broke about a disabled veteran who represented Canada at the Paralympics asking for a stairlift and instead being told about MAiD. And this is far from the only story of euthanasia going off the rails.

What is going on in Canada?

Medical assistance in death (MAiD) was legalized in Canada in 2016 for limited situations, but now its scope is rapidly expanding in a way that’s leaving Canadians of all political perspectives alarmed.
Anthony Furey explains in his latest video.


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  1. TRUE both my parents in Canada did MAid last year my dad first (I suggest he died of Anxiety 85y still quite fit.) MY mothers health improved but then took a down turn at 84y and with less than 24hrs notice rang me and said that was what she was going to do.
    I live in the UK and could only attend both of them via a PHONE, I have still not got over it.
    They did have penalty of time from asking for it and putting MAiD in place since you have to be switched on to signed up.
    Covid rules for UK flights did not help + my health problems and possible isolation when I got to Canada did not help.
    Abuse of MAiD is not a good for the individual and should never be offered by and official — EVER.

  2. On October 5th, 2015, I was diagnosed with late 4th stage cancer. It was everywhere and I had at best 2 – 3 months to live. I was twice admitted to palliative care.

    Through the miracle of modern medicine, patience and endurance. I'm still here. At one point, when I was really ill, I would have been vulnerable to the idea of euthanasia. That thought scares me.

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