Makeyevka. Neocons will push to escalate, will Russia stay the course?

Makeyevka. Neocons will push to escalate, will Russia stay the course?
The Duran: Episode 1472



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Written by The Duran

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  1. Yes, the "Neocons" (Rev 2:9) will continue pushing to escalate. As Alexander has stated several times, they have no reverse gear. Their big push to establish their NWO is now. If they fail their desired outcome is unlikely to materialize, and if they fail they will try to take us ALL down with them. It appears the only way they will stop is when the Sarmats come for them.

  2. Unlike Modi and his advisors, Xi Jingpin and his generals are fully aware of the global momentum triggered by Putin's 'special military operation' of which the neocons are hell bent to reverse. Chinese are unwilling to lose this momentum no matter how wisely cautious they have been in their dealings with neocons. Alas! Contingencies and sheer luck are inherent to any any and all events, as such the Russian boys and girls who can't part with their cell phones inherited a vicious one. Putin's early celebration drinking champagne made the neocons furious. Putin should have remembered that gods of war favors none until the war is said and done. If the tensions in Serbia and Syria eases, then the casualties in Ukraine must increase. On a side note: Twitter files are more than usual turf wars between intelligence communities. Neocons are losing on both fronts so to speak.

  3. It seems to me that Russia is well aware of the US direct involvement in all aspects of intelligence gathering, weapons targeting, and of the personnel behind the firing of such American weapon systems. Russia is also well aware of how the US will raise the stakes and escalate further if Russia were to target the US military flights over Poland and Romania controlling those very targeting systems. Instead, what we will likely see is a continuing grinding down of the Ukrainian country to the point of total failure. What we won't see if we don't look for it is the asymmetrical responces that Russia takes against the US, such as the destruction of US military bases and personal in places like Syria and Iraq in the same way that the US 'helps' Ukraine.

  4. "Cowards die many times before their deaths; The valiant never taste of death but once. Of all the wonders that I yet have heard. It seems to me most strange that men should fear; Seeing that death, a necessary end, Will come when it will come." Throughout Russian magnificent history great leaders like Peter the Great,Catherine the Great,Elizabeth Petrovna,Alexander II,Vladimir Lenin,Joseph Stalin ruled and brought her in a rightful place as a great nation in Europe and in the world at large. Now Mikhail Gorbachev a naive leader with best of intentions of trusting the West as his messiah started reforms with a revolutionary idea- Perestroika (restructuring) and Glasnost (openness) failed that started the breakup of the Soviet Union. Boris Yeltsin put the final nail in the coffin of the Soviet Union. Now our buddy "Vlad the hammer " collected Russia Federation out of the pieces and nurtured it but the man himself having the rarest commodity which is "common sense" that is not common is also a timid human being who gets me on edge that if he is not careful will lead to the break up of Russia by being too much of an orthodox saint. "Things done half are never done right" because irresoluteness and indecisions sometimes are some of his traits, folks will disagree with me. Do you all know the US seized a Russian diplomatic property which is an embodiment of Russian state on American soil and authorities in the Kremlin didn't size that of America in Russia but always begging for it to be given back. Even late president Mugabe of Zimbabwe in Africa stoop for that by lowering his moral standards so far as to do something so reprehensible as this. Of the Alexes , Mr Alex Christoforou asks some serious questions and his friend Mr. Alexander Mercouris always had an answer or excuse. America is using "Salami slice strategy" on Russia , remember the supply started with stingers and on and on ……….. and where are we now?

  5. That's THE thing isn't it. Russia is, or is not ahead of NATO, in terms of artillery or missile technology etc etc. BUT Russia has started to and must keep lifting its game in the information sphere, to match or get ahead of Western propaganda and spin.

  6. It's getting very serious, Kiev continues to obey its Western masters and refuses to negotiate. Russia must act quickly, decisively and as ferociously as possible, otherwise it could lose the war and the legally "annexed" regions, it could even be taken to ICC. Victory, be it a dirty one, will save Russia from all these consequences. The West means business, Russia must act now, sweet and short, or it'll be too late. Good to avoid or minimize civilians deaths and casualties, but the longer the war the more destruction, and more civilians get killed or injured. It's difficult to sustain such war. Cut the snake's head. Destroy military and military-related power and energy infrastructures, Kiev must feel the real heat, not sporadically but continuously.

    The toll of dead and injured is mounting; the sufferance, the social and economic burdens are already huge. Russia should stop being shy, it needs to act like a superpower and prove that you can't mess with it. Liberate now !

  7. I take issue with ONE thing you said, the people celebrating the strike and pushing for more attacks on Russia can not be neocons and I argue that the use of the word "neocon" to describe warmongers is an oxymoron. Genuine American Conservatives (like Rand Paul) do not believe in getting involved in foreign entanglements, they believe in war as self defense only, they believe in the vision the Founding Fathers had of a free people and a government which was held responsible to those people, was very small, limited and minded it's own business. That world no longer exists. There are a few GENUINE Conservatives left but they are far and few between and would never support this war (and the other wars about to kick off this year). So calling anyone who wants conflict or espouses a powerful central government anything "Con" is a contradiction. Also most of the people chomping at the bit in the US are the far Left and the establishment types (big government). I know a LOT of conservative laymen, NONE of them want to be involved in this conflict.

  8. "No Americans manning Patriot" is just another US lie and deception! What's the difference?! US soldiers are already in Ukraine directing the military conflict in Ukraine! The US-NATO command centres in Ukraine must pay hope the death of Russian soldiers!

  9. People, I know a bit of topic
    but bear with me. lets be honest real and clear. We all know that the west in particular USA is very good in pr marketing and sales. Every event in history even when it turns out bad the US propaganda machine sells it as a success and they make sure it finds its way as such in history books. I would argue that falsefying history should be considered as "a crime against humanity" why? Because many conflicts we have seen originated from such lies that found their way into history books.
    Now coming back to the point i want to make. USA did contribute a lot to defeat Nazi Germany the 3e Reich, but they were not the ones who did. In the west we dont talk about that but most of work for victory was done by the Russians the Red Army the had weakened and defeated Hitlers Amry in the East. They had plowed the way for Americans. Dont forget the Russians reached Berlin first.
    Ok now realize this USA had never won a serious war after WW2. They ended the war or just left when their defeat became evident. The Korean war never ended. Vietnam they left in a hurry. Afghanistan they ran for men in tulbands on motorcycles and bikes. Iraq the were kicked out but sold as a political victory… Syria they steeling Oil and let others do the actual fighting… Somalia America was kicked out dead Americans were dragged like dead animals through streets of Mogadishu like a trophy… Ukraine won't be any different. The moment body bags with dead Americans soldiers or not start pouring into America. The with house and the msm will just change to topic as of Ukraine never g
    happened. Sadly the average Ukrainians are not realizing this when they finally do it will be too late. Need i go on? So people think do your own research think think and think again… You owe that to the next generation to your children… Dont burden their future with false narratives give them a honest clean start… For their sake

  10. 6 American made missiles launched to kill Russian soldiers. US/NATO made this a priority obviously, the world should know exactly who were the large number of guys that perpetrated this slaughter. We Americans must somehow stop the rogues in power who are doing this to a country that is not even the enemy of us American people. Russia does not deserve to be in the situation that they tried to prevent for years, now Russia is forced to resolve something they never wanted at the expense of the lives of their young men. This war is an outrage and our gov't has no right to do this, we've never given these neocon millionaires permission and despite fantastically sophisticated nonstop propaganda, the majority of us would not allow it. This is unforgivable.

  11. So what if Congress approves more weapons for Ukraine? The stuff we already promised can't be delivered for years because they aren't manufactured yet. Therefore, anything we promise from this point is just so much hot air, because we don't have it to give, and we no longer have the manufacturing base to produce them quickly. Do people really think we're going to get China to do it?

  12. It's crazy that Russia is not targeting NATO personnel (including MI6 and CIA) in Ukraine who are partly responsible for targeting Russian Armed Forces. Look at all the Russian Generals that were killed early on with CIA information to AFU. AFU bragged about this and Biden got all upset saying "you weren't supposed to say that!".

  13. Every country that opposes Russia's invasion of Ukraine only wants Russia to leave Ukraine territory and to stop hostilities. That's it.

    No country is threatening Russia's government or territory. There is therefore nobody to defend against.

    Your husbands did not die defending the motherland, they died attacking someone else's motherland.

    A full mobilization would be impossible to conduct. Russia does not have the military equipment and basic gear (tents, full uniforms, food, medical supplies, etc) to support hundreds of thousands more troops, especially untrained troops. Russia will not be able to afford the cost of a full mobilization. Years of budget grifting has decimated the Russian military from the inside out.

Ukraines DEVASTATING Attack On Russian Barracks

Ukraine’s DEVASTATING Attack On Russian Barracks

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Fact Sheet on WMD Threat Reduction Efforts with Ukraine, Russia and Other Former Soviet Union Countries > U.S. Department of Defense > Release (