“Many More Body Bags” Needed To Bring Down Putin – Says Psychopath Fmr U.S. Official

At a recent Council on Foreign Relations event. former Obama administration Pentagon official and ardent advocate for endless war in Ukraine Evelyn Farkas acknowledged that, contrary to her statements elsewhere, the war in Ukraine is not likely to end any time soon, nor will Putin be dislodged from power without “many more body bags.”

Jimmy and documentarian-journalist Dan Cohen discuss the callous disregard for human life in Ukraine demonstrated by the psychopaths who tend to fill the ranks of the security state.

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  1. Hey Ukrainian men! Put Zelensky in jail or let him go to the Biden family in the USA!

    The Jew Zelensky, the newest creation of Wall Street like his predecessor Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, will soon enter the competition with the greatest Jewish criminal of Orthodox Christians of all time: Ghenrih Yagoda, the one who killed over 10 MILLION Russians, while he was the head of the NKVD in Russia. The conclusion is only one: The "chosen nation" is killing hundreds of thousands of Christians again (for renewing the USA armament), as in the two world wars. Therefore, the more the "civilized West" sends more weapons to Ukraine, the more Orthodox Christians will die; this is the only goal because Russia can NOT lose at home as it has never lost and never will! An observation is to be made: the above-mentioned Jews are Judeo-Khazar Jews and not Sephardic Jews; that means false Jews or NO Semite Jews. Speaking about them can not be an accusation of being anti-semite!!!

  2. Ask any patriotic American. They would gladly lay down their life on the off chance it would bring down Putin, the scourge of the Western world. After all he got Trump elected and he once called Hillary the "c" word and he never stops pointing out how senile Biden is or how dumb Kamela is. Dudes gotta go even if millions die and the US goes bankrupt.

  3. Dan is 100% right!
    The US tries to recreate the aftermath of WW2!
    I would bring the US back to the level like it was after WW2!
    A Regimechange in Russia would be a heavy blow to the current new "More Fair World Order" and it would make China weaker!
    They are fighting to keep the Empire alive, and they don't give a sh*t if 20 or 50 million die! Incl US citizens!
    Because this time it won't leave the US Homeland untouched!
    They are Sociopaths!

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