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Marijuana Australiana (2016) [full doco] #AUweedDoco documentary

A film by Richard Baron. @Submusia // PODCAST and tell-all BOOK drop: 💚 Psychedelics, music, ethnobotany, yoga, consciousness, film, tech, somatics, life optimisation // ‘Homegrown cannabis culture down under.’ Presented by Carrier Signals 💣 ⚡️

Conveyed by an often humorous line up of quintessentially Aussie characters, Marijuana Australiana is a feature length documentary about Australia’s evolving relationship with the world of recreational and medical cannabis. Unveiling a unique local cannabis culture and history, the film takes us from the hippy town of Nimbin to the politically charged emergence of medical cannabis law reform that is sweeping the nation.

Marijuana Australiana embeds viewers deep inside tenuous underground networks of growers and suppliers who bravely provide free medical cannabis to cancer patients and children with epilepsy, despite systematic persecution by law enforcement.

As gravely ill Australians continue to risk everything to access life saving medicine, will the slow grind of legislative change signal an end to the criminalisation of patients, their families and benevolent suppliers?


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  1. Rick Simmons iol is the best for skin cancer Anxiety stress so many more Rick got injured at working removing aseptic they found him out cold on the floor he was having Caesars got skin cancer a friend told him about weed oil helps for it in the 70s so he grew it mad the iol and realized the benefit right away way feeling better there a video on him talking about it it's amazing
    Pharmaceutical companies don't want to cure you bcs a healthy person isn't good for business look at diabetes in Toronto there's a doctor who has helped people reverse it and has been threatened by people notes in his office to stop it imagine that If weed wasn't banned for the last 100 years we would be so far ahead that were just know finding out some of the benefits from it

  2. cannabis is pure nature, therefor is a creation of god and with the medical properties one of the great creations which is far better than any human created medicine, human created can help with a small handful of problems, cannabis is probably in the hundreds or maybe thousands of medical uses, making a creation of god illegal which was obviously created to help people is very wrong and should never had happened and should never been allowed to happen by the people, also it is peoples bodies and the fact that governments can control what we do with our own bodies is like slavery where we don't have full freedom of ourselves, it is also far better than alcohol and look at the problems alcohol causes

  3. I often laugh because I am 62 years old and I love to get stoned and get on my 2021 F1 sims racing game and race at speeds of up to 290klms an hour against the AI and people think Marijuana slows down your reflexes and fogs your concentration. LOL. I would love to get a cop and get them drunk on a legal substance and get them on the F1 sims racing against me. Again a big LOL.

  4. I can’t believe it’s still like this over there I grow it right in my yard here in the us I have used it for years and I actually have charges from the end of our prohibition I got three Felonise, as a 17-year-old kidfor more than an ounce one for intent to distribute and one for 1000 feet within a school . I have mental health issues and have been raised in a broken home all my life … but still use MJ ❤ every day I buy it like I buy a pack of cigarettes 🚬 they sell alcohol stronger than ever .. they make pills 💊 stronger than ever everything ever made in this world has been made to be better and so has are pot . I think they should just except what it is and let it be .. nothing good came from the prohibition of marijuana here in the USA just like nothing good came from the alcohol prohibition now that everyone can use it freely and use it medically there hasn’t been any super heavy crimes I don’t see people doing crazy things. Yes, we have homeless yes, we have other drugs, but we don’t control those drugs. The people who are smoking marijuana stick to marijuana now we don’t have to go through a third-party drug dealer to get our marijuana so I can guarantee you that if there’s any hard drugs being sold, you’re not gonna see any marijuana involved in that situation. Facts … so smoke on and now I’m naming my plants 🪴 yandy … keep smoking y’all and end this nonsense and this stigma peace ✌️.

  5. To kill cancer you need to lower your blood sugar count. Cancer starves without sugar.
    Personally i don't use anything.
    I like a cold beer but
    Fuk taxing and regulating cannabis.
    If people want to grow and use it let it be and be free.
    No way can you compare cannabis to alcohol that mans statment about 3 bottles of scotch was a load of shit.

  6. My daughter had Leukaemia in 2003. We were advised by her doctors, to stop her extreme nausea, to give her pot ciggies. We rolled her 3 a day. In those days you could still smoke on hospital grounds. Incredibly weak, she went out onto the balcony 3 times a day to smoke.. this assisted her greatly in conquering the dreaded spewing. She was only 20 at the time and had already lost 70kgs from chemo & radiation….. (from 100kg to 30kg in just a few months)
    If it wasn't for this 'miracle weed' I seriously doubt we would have her today……

  7. Blokes marvelling at the precision engineering of a dirty billy lol, f**k mate its a offcut of green garden hose jamed into a melted hole on a plastic bottle, if you think thats amazing you should see my capa cone piece's circle cut out of a empty coke can..coke cans are the best to use though, next is kirks brand….bet he'd loose his f**king mind wrapping his head around harnessing the power of gravity using plastic and water to rip bucket bongs

  8. Recreational cannabis is no different than medical cannibals.. I also like the part where you point out how the waters are muddied.. cannabis indica it was used since the 1600s in different tinctures.. probably earlier but I’ve seen papers dated to 1600 with the mention

  9. Thanks to all these people's hard work and petitioning I was finally able to become a legal patient in this country last year. My quality of life has skyrocketed since commencing treatment and I couldn't be more grateful for all the voices that demanded to be heard! We still have a ways to go but we have come so incredibly far in just the last few years thanks to all these people! Your cinematography is fantastic, you really nailed this doco. So damn grateful!

  10. CBD oil is great for pain its so cheap in america but here f it 250 to 350 here in australia its no wonder people still by it legally. i researched the cdb oil for 5yrs before i asked my doctors but he wanted to keep off it and on a harder chemical drug instead .

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