Massie Invokes Hunter Biden In Rebuke Of Government’s Alleged ‘Misinformation’ Silencing Strategy

At last night’s House Rules Committee hearing, Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) slammed the government’s use of “misinformation” labeling to urge social media companies to take down posts it doesn’t like.

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  1. It's only misinformation if it doesn't go along with their narrative….just like China…and North Korea and all the other communist countries…..oh and by the way AOC said at one point that republicans need to go for political re-education….hmmmm….isn't the what they do in China and North Korea if you say anything against the government….let's vote these communist out of office for the good of the country

  2. Talk about phoning it in

    Massey, how about you just show SCOTUS President that specifically addresses the unconstitutionality of government compelled censorship/targeting only protected speech BY PRIVATE ENTITIES

    it’s literally word for word shown to be a crime (a Constitutional violation is a violation of law AND A CRIME, why separate the terms other than to give yourself space for the gov. Violations that you happen to support?

  3. I wouldn't call 30k views in less than a day people not watching a rules committee. There are many of us who care about what our great nation is up to and are behind the right leaders. Thank you Mr. Massie and others fighting for what is right, not always what makes some feel warm and fuzzy.

Meanwhile in Australia

Meanwhile in Australia….


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